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Film Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine

Film cutting machine can cut PVC, PET, PDLC, PVDC, PP, BOPP, PPF, TPU and etc.
  • CZ-1625

  • Changzhou

  • CZ-D3-051

  • 1600*2500mm/ other szies

  • Knife Blade

  • 11KW

  • 380V, 50/60HZ


Film Cutting Machine

How does the film cutting machine work

The film cutter machine is a flatbed digital cutter. The machine has a working platform. The material is placed on the work table when cutting and is fixed by vacuum adsorption. The vinyl cutting machine is an intelligent flatbed digital cutter and also a CNC cutting machine. CNC is the abbreviation of the computer numerical control machine (Computer Numerical Control). The CNC machine tool automatically cuts the material according to the CAD electronic graphics designed in advance. We input the processing technology, process parameters, tool trajectory, cutting speed, cutting parameters, and other parameters into the control system. Thereby instructing the machine to cut. The cutting tool is a blade, so the cutting process is environmentally friendly and healthy without pollution. So it's a very easy way to cut. Workers only need to control the machine. The cutting process does not require manual work. It can greatly reduce manual workload, reduce labor costs, increase production, and ensure the accuracy and consistency of products.

Film Cutting Machine Advantages

KT board cutting machine (6)

1. The film cutting machine uses the blade to cut. and the cutting edge is smooth and beautiful. There will be no problems such as thermal cutting smoke, melting, and so on.

2. The sticker cutting machine has a vacuum adsorption worktable. The material can be absorbed and leveled, the cutting speed is fast and the precision is high.

3. The window film cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. Import CAD electronic graphics into the machine, various graphics can be automatically cut without making molds.

4. The window tinting cutting machine replaces manual work, reduces labor costs, and is faster than manual cutting.

5. The PVC film cutting machine adopts Japanese servo motors and drivers. which has a long life, high precision, and fast speed.

6. The bed of the PPF cutting machine is welded by stainless steel tubes. Heat treated and machined. Make sure that the accuracy is not affected after the transportation process and long term use.

7. The TPU cutting machine can be installed with different cutting knives. And the appropriate cutting knives can be selected according to the customer's need.

8. The auto film cutting machine has an automatic feeding table. It can automatically pull material forward. The continuous cutting of the rolls is realized without manual pulling.

Project Name



CZ - 1625

Work Size

1600mm x 2500mm / other sizes

Table Type

flat table / auto feeding table

Work tool

cutting tool, kiss cut tool, rotary cutting tool

Rate power



3 years

Cut Thickness

≤ 45mm

Safety Device

infrared sensors, emergency switches

Material Fix

vacuum table

Support software

Corel draw, AI, Auto CAD and etc

Motor and Driver

Japan servo motors and drivers



Cut material

vinyl, stickers, tint, film, PVC, etc

Film Cutting Machine Details

1. The cutting tool of the film cutting machine is a blade. The control system directs the machine to work. and drives the blade to move, turn, lift, and fall to cut. The blade cuts the material, and there will be no problems such as thermal cutting smoke, melting, etc. The cut edge is smooth and beautiful. The cutting process is environmentally friendly, healthy, and pollution free. Fast speed and high precision.

window tinting cutting machine

2. The vinyl cutting machine has a working platform. The material is spread on the work surface. and then the vacuum suction table holds it in place. When cutting, the vacuum pump automatically starts to work and sucks the air under the worktable, and the formed air pressure fixes the material. Make sure it does not move while cutting. After cutting, the vacuum pump stops automatically. The adsorption process is automatically controlled without manual operation. Simple, convenient, and efficient. And the vacuum adsorption method will not harm the material.

window film cutting machine

3. For printed PVC, stickers, labels, etc. Needs to be cut along the edge of the print. That needs a top camera. The camera is installed on the top of the sticker cutting machine table. The camera shoots the work surface and automatically extracts the printed edge. and then the machine's cutting tool cuts along the printed edge. Realized the edge trace cutting of printed graphics.

pvc film cutting machine

4. The tinting cutting machine has an automatic feeding table to continuously cut the coil material. The coils are placed on the feeding rack at the rear of the machine. After the machine cuts the material on the working table, the feeding table automatically pulls the material forward, pulls the material behind to the working table, and continues cutting. The continuous cutting of the coil is realized. No need for manual pulling, high efficiency, and labor saving.

vinyl cutting machine

Machine Application

The film cutting machine can cut PVC, PET, PDLC, aluminum foil, PVDC, PP, BOPP, PPF, TPU and etc.

It's widely used in many markets like advertising inkjet cloth, aluminum foil, electronically controlled dimming film, photoelectric film, window film, window stickers, car stickers, car clothing, screen protective film, stickers, disposable masks, lens protective film, goggles protective film and other products.

tpu cutting machine 

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1. We offer operation manuals and videos for the machine.

2. You will get an assembled machine instead of machine parts, so there is not much installation work.

3. Quality inspection team will check the machine fully and carefully before delivery.

4. Our after sales engineers offer 7*24 online service.

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6. We got CE, ISO, and FDA certifications and we have export authority to send the machines to any country.

7. We offer lifetime maintenance and repair service.

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