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Cardboard Carton Flatbed Digital CNC Cutting Machine

cardboard cutting machine can cut all kinds of cardboard, such as corrugated paper, honeycomb cardboard, printed cardboard, gray board, printed corrugated cardboard, hollow board, composite paper, photo frame board and etc. China's leading cardboard cutting machine manufacturer, best price! best quality, Inquiry Now
  • CZ-1625

  • Changzhou

  • CZ-D3-004

  • 1600*2500mm

  • Knife Blade

  • 11KW

  • 380V,50/60HZ


Cardboard Digital Cutting Machine

Description of cardboard cutting machine

Are you still make the mold to cut the carton? Does it take a long time and expensive to open a mold? Have you ever lost an order because a customer waited a long time for a sample? Changzhou cardboard digital cutting machine can help you to solve this problem.

What is cardboard CNC cutting machine? The cardboard cutting machine uses the high frequency vibrating knife to cut off the cardboard. Corrugated box making machine is easy to learn even you are the first time to use the machine. You can just download the CAD design to the machine, after machine reading the design, it will cut. This greatly saves the time of opening the mold, and can make samples for customers faster, thus helping you to get more orders quickly.

cardboard cnc cutter

Parameters of cardboard cutting machine

Project Name



CZ - 1625

Work Size

1600mm x 2500mm / other sizes

Table Type

flat table / auto feeding table

Work tool

oscillating knife tool, creasing wheel, v-cut tool

 CCD camera, pneumatic knife tool

Rate power



3 years

Cut Thickness

≤ 45mm

Safety Device

infrared sensors, emergency switches

Material Fix

vacuum table

Support software

Corel draw, AI, Auto CAD and etc

Motor and Driver

Japan servo motors and drivers







Cut material

honeycomb cardboard, corrugated cardboard, grey cardboard, etc

cardboard cutting machine

Advantages of cardboard digital cutting machine

1. Corrugated cardboard cutter doesn't need to make mold, save your effort and cost, simple and efficient cutting.

2. A variety of tools can be selected, and one cardboard cnc cutting machine can be used for multiple purposes. Flexible realization of various processing needs, such as slotting, creasing, half cutting, easy tear-off carton dotted line cutting, etc.

3. Japanese original servo motor. Carton cutting machine is equipped with planetary reducer to increase the torque. the carton box making machine is more powerful.

4. Taiwan square rail and helical transmission, high precision and fast moving speed.

5. Cardboard cutter machine uses honeycomb aluminum adsorption table, with high power vacuum pump, strong suction, long term use is not easy to deform.

Application of cardboard cutting machine

The cardboard CNC cutter can cut all kinds of cardboard, such as corrugated paper, honeycomb cardboard, printed cardboard, gray board, printed corrugated cardboard, hollow board, composite paper, photo frame board and many other materials. Widely used in packaging, corrugated cardboard cutting, corrugated Art, corrugated furniture, carton proofing, color box proofing, plastic box proofing, POP paper, display stand, shelf proofing, cat scratching board, small batch production, or small batch and multi-style customization.

1. Oscillating knife: to cut off or half cut the cardboard, corrugated cardboard,honeycomb cardboard, gray board, etc.

corrugated box making machine

2. Creasing wheel: Creasing wheel tool used to press the marks for folding the carton, also can process easy tear off carton dotted line cutting.

carton cutting machine

3.  V cut tool: for slotting and bevel cutting on honeycomb cardboard or corrugated cardboard.

carton box making machine

4. CCD Camera: for read patterns on the printed cardboard, and then machine cut along the edge.

cardboard cutter machine

5. Pneumatic knife tool for cutting thick or hard cardboard, foam board, etc. More powerful.

carton cutter machine

Details of cardboard cutting machine

cardboard cutting machine

Japan servo motor and drivers

High speed response frequency, high precision, high speed, strong anti overload ability, good stability, with planetary reducer to increase torque, the motor is more powerful and more stable. It has a good reputation in customers' feedback.

Imported Holland 4mm Felt

To protect the vacuum table and blades when machine working. Cut resistance, good softness, will not scratch the product, non-slip

carton box cutting machine

cardboard cutting machine

French Schneider Electric Devices

Famous brand in the world, with CE certificate. Good quality and high safety performance. Durable electrical components can greatly save the maintenance and repair costs of the machine in the future. Changzhou CNC promise all the spare parts is in good quality, such as Japan Omron sensor, etc. 

Honeycomb aluminum adsorption table

The whole working table is milling by 5axis processing center. We have the special quality inspection department to inspect the table precision. Trumpet shape hole design will enhance suction, and it is not easy to deform after long time use.

car mat making machine

coil mat cutting machine

Red light positioning function

Compared with point positioning, cross positioning is more accurate. Before cutting  you can let the machine to demonstrate the path and range to be cut, red light positioning can be clearly reflected.

Some questions customers concern

Q: After I bought the machine, what should I prepare?

You will receive a completed machine and just need to prepare a computer. We will send you the machine software together with the machine.

Q: If my cardboard is printed, can I cut it?

Yes, sure. You can just add a CCD camera, then machine will read your pattern and cut along the outline, very easy.

Q: I am in the packaging industry, but I don't only cut cardboard, also some stickers and foam, can all be cut with this machine?

Yes. Just combine multiple tools, such as oscillating knife, half cut tool, Pneumatic knife, CCD Camera. You can tell our sales the specific processing needs, cutting thickness, and then we will provide you with the best solution.

Machine packing and shipment

The machine is first covered with a plastic film bag to prevent the machine from getting wet

Then the circumference of the machine will be wrapped with EPE foam to prevent the machine from being damaged by collision

The outer packaging of the machine is a fumigation-free wooden box dedicated to export.

auto film cutting machine

About maintenance

Just keep the machine clean, and regularly apply lubricating oil to the guide rails and racks. Ordinary lubricating oil is enough, such as 5W - 30. Lubricate about every two weeks.

Changzhoucnc Factory

Shandong Changzhou CNC is a manufacturer of CNC machines for more than 14 years since 2008. We have a dedicated technical research and development team, constantly innovating and upgrading machine technology, and from the perspective of customers, making machine operations more humane. At the same time, there is also a strict quality inspection department, which is specially responsible for the quality inspection of the machine to ensure the quality and accuracy of the machine.

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