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Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Prepregs Cutting Machine

Prepregs cutting machine can cut a wide variety of composite materials. Like carbon fiber, glass fiber, polyester cotton, aramid. Vibrating knife cutting machines have been widely used in defense industry, aerospace, precision machinery, ships, vehicles, chemical industry, building structures, sporting goods and other industries.China's leading leather cutting machine manufacturer, best price! best quality, Inquiry Now
  • CZ-1625

  • Changzhou

  • CZ-D3-002

  • 1600*2500mm

  • Knife Blade

  • 11KW

  • 380V,50/60HZ


Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Prepreg Cutting Machine

Prepregs can cut a wide variety of composite materials. Like carbon fiber, glass fiber, polyester cotton, and aramid. Fiberglass cutting machines have been widely used in the defense industry, aerospace industry, precision machinery, ships, vehicles, chemical industry, building structures, sporting goods, and other industries.

Machine advantages

glass fiber cutting machine

1. The carbon fiber cutter uses a high frequency vibrating knife to cut the material. Fast cut speed, high precision, and stable work.

2. The carbon fiber cutting machine uses a universal tool holder. A variety of cutter heads can be replaced and installed to cut different materials.

3. The glass fiber cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. It solves the problems of irregularity and errors in manual work.

4. The prepreg cutting machine has nesting software. The utilization rate of materials can be improved.

5. The carbon fibre cutting machine adopts servo motors imported from Japan. Long life, high precision, and high speed.

6. Prepregs cutting machine has safety devices like infrared sensors and emergency stop switches. Protect the machine and workers.

7. Prepreg cutting machine has a vacuum suction worktable. Fix the product and improve output.

Project Name



CZ - 1625

Work Size

1600mm x 2500mm / other sizes

Table Type

flat table / auto feeding table

Work tool

cutting tool, marking pen, rotary cutting tool

Rate power



3 years

Cut Thickness

≤ 45mm

Safety Device

infrared sensors, emergency switches

Material Fix

vacuum table

Support software

Corel draw, AI, Auto CAD and etc

Motor and Driver

Japan servo motors and drivers



Cut material

carbon fiber, fiberglass, polyester cotton, aramid, etc

Machine details

1. The fiberglass cutter machine uses blades to cut the material. The blade cut is different from the thermal cut. The physical cut method will not cause problems such as smear, smoke, etc.

acoustic panel cutting machine

2. The fiberglass cutting machine has a writing pen tool. It can write letters and numbers on the products.

fiberboard cutting machine

3. The glass fiber cutting machine has a conveyor feeding table. The products can be fed forward. Achieve continuous cuts of roll materials.

fiberglass cutter machine

4. The prepreg cutter machine uses vacuum suction to fix the products. The vacuum pump starts and stops following the work of the machine. Simple and effective in preventing the product from moving during the cut.

fiberglass cloth cutter

5. The outer package of the machine is a fumigation free wooden box for export. The customer will receive a fully assembled machine.

carbon fiber cutter

Machine application

Composite material cutting machine is widely used to cut composite materials. Such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, sound absorbing panels, acoustic foam, rubber and etc.

Prepreg cutting machine is applied in aerospace, defense industry, chemical industry, wind power generation, sporting goods, outdoor goods, auto parts, decorations, etc.

cutting machines can cut leather, garment, KT board, rubber, textile, honeycomb board, car stickers, photo frame paper, gray board paper, corrugated cardboard, EPE foam, PVC board, thick foam, etc. 


prepreg cutting machine


1. We have operation manuals and videos for the the machine. Our engineer also will help you through Skype, telephone, and email.

2. machine will be tested fully and carefully before delivery.

3. We offer 3 years warranty for the machine. We will change the broken parts free of charge if any questions.

4. Our machine got CE, ISO, and FDA certifications. And we have export authority.

5. We provide lifetime maintenance service for the machine.

carbon fiber cutting machine


Q1: What's the warranty policy for the machine?

The warranty is 3 years upon delivery.

Q2: If I don't know this machine before, how can I use it?

We will offer operation videos, user manuals. Online technical support is available.

It's easy to learn. one inexperienced person can learn it within one day.

Q3: Will I get machine parts or a finished machine?

We will pack the finished machine in a wooden box. You will get an installed machine instead of parts.

Q4: How to maintain the machine?

There isn't much maintenance to do. Only need to lubricate the transmission mechanism.

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