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Carbon Fiber Prepreg CNC Cutting Machine

Prepreg cutting machine can cut carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar, prepreg, unidirectional, etc.
  • CZ-1625

  • Changzhou

  • CZ-D3-011

  • 1600*2500mm

  • Knife Blade

  • 11KW

  • 380V,50/60HZ


Carbon Fiber Prepreg CNC Cutting Machine

Application of prepreg cutting machine

Carbon fiber cutting machine can cut carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar, prepregs, unidirectional fabric, etc.

Prepreg cutting machines are widely used in the manufacture of auto parts, bicycles, drones, tennis rods, fishing rods, golf clubs, helmets, artwork, aerospace, etc.

cnc prepreg cutting machine

Parameters of prepreg cutter machine

Project Name



CZ - 1625

Work Size

1600mm x 2500mm / other sizes

Table Type

flat table / auto feeding table

Work tool

oscillating knife tool, creasing wheel, mark pen

Rate power



3 years

Cut Thickness

≤ 45mm

Safety Device

infrared sensors, emergency switches

Material Fix

vacuum table

Support software

Corel draw, AI, Auto CAD and etc

Motor and Driver

Japan servo motors and drivers







Cut material

carbon fiber, fiberglass, prepregs

prepregs cutting machine

Advantages of prepreg CNC cutter

The carbon fiber cnc cutter is a vibrating knife cutting machine. Cut with a high frequency vibrating blade. The smoke and smear problems of thermal cutting are avoided. Nice and neat cut edges.

CNC prepreg cutting machine cut fast. Can replace 3 - 5 workers. Prepregs CNC cutter saves the problem of increasing labor costs and recruitment difficulties.

CNC prepreg cutter is a CNC cutting machine. No templates or dies required. Save time and speed up production.

The drive system of the carbon fiber cutting machine is a servo motor, and the transmission system is a high precision square rail and rack. High cutting precision and fast speed.

The prepreg cutter machine is easy to operate and easy to learn. Learn to use a machine in a day

Description of prepreg cutting machine

1. Cutting tool: prepregs cutting machine use a blade to cut. The physical cutting method avoids the environmental problems of thermal cutting. Cut edges without smudging. No harm to workers and the environment

prepreg cutter machine

2. Marking tools: The prepregs cutter machine can be installed with markers. It can write letters and numbers on the prepreg, and can draw graphics.

carbon fiber cutting machine

3.  Automatic feeding: The automatic feeding table can automatically pull the material forward. After cutting the current table. automatically pull the material behind and continue to cut. The continuous cutting of the coil is realized.

carbon fiber cnc cutter

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cnc prepreg cutter

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