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Advertising KT Foam Board Digital Cutting Machine

The KT board cutting machine can not only cut KT boards, but also cut stickers, banners, roll ups and other advertising products.
  • CZ-1625

  • Changzhou

  • CZ-D3-045

  • 1600*2500mm/ other szies

  • Knife Blade

  • 11KW

  • 380V, 50/60HZ


KT Foam Board Cutting Machine

The digital cutting machine can not only cut KT boards but also cut stickers, banners, roll ups, and other advertising products. In addition, it can also cut hard advertising products such as acrylic and PVC. The kt board cutting machine can be installed with a variety of working cutter heads. A machine with multiple functions has been realized.

KT Board Cutting Machine Advantages

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1. Use a blade to cut, no smoke, no smell, and no pollution. Avoid the pollution of the environment by laser cutting.

2. KT board cutting machine has great advantages in cutting special shapes. CNC controlled cutting, is easy and convenient for cutting irregular shapes.

3. Not only can cut KT boards, but also can cut advertising materials such as stickers. One machine with multiple functions.

4. A CCD camera is installed. It can automatically cut the printing edge of the KT board. Simplifies the cutting process.

5. The movement of the KT board cutting machine is driven by servo motors. The cutting speed of the KT board can reach 500mm/s. Improve the processing efficiency, and can replace 3 - 5 manual cutting.

6. The vibrating knife cutter is installed with a safety device. The cutting process is safer.

Project Name



CZ - 1625

Work Size

1600mm x 2500mm / other sizes

Table Type

flat table / auto feeding table

Work tool

cutting tool, marking pen, rotary cutting tool

Rate power



3 years

Cut Thickness

≤ 45mm

Safety Device

infrared sensors, emergency switches

Material Fix

vacuum table

Support software

Corel draw, AI, Auto CAD and etc

Motor and Driver

Japan servo motors and drivers



Cut material

kt board, foam, vinyl, stickers, PVC, etc

Digital Cutting Machine Details

1. The cutting tool of the cutting machine is the blade. Cut edges are smooth and neat without burrs. Blade cutting is a physical way of cutting. Avoid the problems of laser cutting smoke, edge paste, and so on. More environmentally friendly and healthy. Harmless to the environment and workers. Contributes to the environmental goal of carbon neutrality.

KT board cutting machine (4)

2. KT board cutting machine is installed with a CCD camera. Used for positioning and cutting printed KT boards. Most kt boards are printed with patterns or text. When cutting, the printed shape needs to be cut out. So a CCD camera is needed for positioning to ensure that the cutting is along the edge of the print.

KT board cutting machine (5)

3. The kt board cutting machine is CNC controlled. The cutting efficiency of manual cutting is low. Especially for some more complicated patterns, the manual cutting speed is slow, and the cutting edge is not beautiful. When cutting curves, the arcs cut manually are irregular and not smooth. The cutting trajectory of the kt board cutting machine is controlled by the numerical control system. The cutting edge is smooth and beautiful, and the cutting size accuracy is high.

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Machine Application

For advertising companies, the KT board is an all-too-familiar product. Because of its light texture, certain toughness, easy cutting, and the surface can be covered with various adhesive materials, the KT board often plays an important role in advertising production.

Kt boards are generally used for poster boards, promotional advertisement displays, table cards, identification signs, warning signs, reminder signs, commercial and supermarket advertisements, institutional signs, outdoor advertising boards, hand-held signs, POP posters, adhesive poster display boards, etc. Card.

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1. We have operation manuals and videos for the machine. Our engineer also will help you through Skype, telephone, and email.

2. machine will be tested fully and carefully before delivery.

3. We offer 3 years warranty for the machine. We will change the broken parts free of charge if any questions.

4. Our machine got CE, ISO, and FDA certifications. And we have export authority.

5. We provide lifetime maintenance service for the machine.

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