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Rubber Foam Graphite Gasket CNC Digital Cutting Machine

gasket cnc cutter machine can cut asbestos, non asbestos, asbestos rubber, graphite composite sheet, rubber, silicone, PTFE, etc
  • CZ-D2

  • Changzhou

  • CZ-D2-035

  • 1600*2500mm / other szies

  • Knife Blade

  • 11KW

  • 380V/220V/110V


Gasket Cutting Machine

Rubber Foam Graphite Gasket CNC Digital Cutting Machine

The CNC gasket cutter machine can cut asbestos, nonasbestos, asbestos rubber, graphite composite sheet, rubber, silicone, PTFE, etc

1. Foam Rubber Cutting Machine Description

 gasket cutting machine

1. We are a gasket digital cutting machine manufacturer for 12 years.

2. The gasket CNC cutter machine uses independent research and development control system. The data process speed is fast. The touchscreen operation is simple and easy to learn.

3. Graphite gasket cutter uses electrical components of well known brands. ensures the stable processing and operation of the equipment for a long time.

4. High efficiency can be realized without making a high cost knife model and stencil, the gasket automatic cutting machine can cut different shapes of gaskets.

5. Foam rubber cutting machine cuts gaskets with knife blades, no pollution gas, no burning edge. Protect the environment and workers.

6. Gasket digital cutting machine uses Japan imported servo motors with high speed and stability.

7. Gasket CNC cutter machine adopts high precision square linear guide rail and helical rack. High precision and long life.

8. There are emergency stop switches on all four corners of the graphite gasket cutter. And there are infrared switches. Protect operator and machine.


CZ - 1625

Table Type

auto feeding table / flat table for optional


3 years for machines

Cut Speed

≤ 1600mm/s

Cut Thickness

≤ 45mm

Material Fixed Mode

vacuum table

Support software

Corel draw, AI, Auto CAD and etc

Motor and Driver

Japanese Yaskawa / Taiwan Delta

Support Format

plt, ai, dxf, cdr, hpg, hpgl, etc

2. Gasket Digital Cutting Machine Details

1. Foam rubber cutting machine can be installed with different cutting heads. And the knife blades have different lengths. It can cut gaskets of different materials, thicknesses, and hardnesses. like asbestos, rubber, silicon, kraft paper, asbestos free, graphite, PTFE, etc.

foam rubber cutting machine

2. Blade cutting heads are the most widely used cutting tool for cutting most gasket materials. High frequency vibrating knife cutting technology is adopted. The blade vibrates up and down at a high frequency of 16,000 times per minute. Makes the cutting process very smooth without dragging the material. The cut edge is smooth and beautiful. There will be no problems such as glitches.


3. Gasket digital cutting machine uses the milling head for thick and hard gaskets like resin gaskets and PTFE gaskets. Resin and PTFE are too hard to cut by blades. It will easily damage the blades. Materials such as thick rubber and asbestos can also be cut with the spindle.

gasket digital cutting machine

4. Gasket CNC cutter machine can cut gaskets of different shapes with only CAD drawings. Different from die cutting machinery. The automatic gasket cutting machine does not need to make molds. And the cutting process does not require manual operation. Save labor costs, and is safer. This is the easiest and smartest way to cut gaskets

gasket cnc cutter machine

5. Gasket automatic cutting machine uses the vacuum suction platform to absorb and hold material. The vacuum pump and the vacuum adsorption platform are connected through pipes. The vacuum pump starts to work and sucks air in the cutting process. The air in the vacuum adsorption platform is sucked away to form a vacuum pressure. Air pressure holds the material in place. This is the most effective and easiest way to hold materials. No need to fix material manually. And the air pressure fixes the material without damage.


6. Graphite gasket cutter has a red light positioning function to indicate the cutting position. The position of the red light indicates the edge position of the cut. Therefore, the zero position of cutting can be set according to the position of the red light. Used to save material.

graphite gasket cutter

3. Gasket CNC Cutter Machine Application

The gasket digital cutting machine is mainly for the automatic intelligent cutting of flexible seals. Includes nonasbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite sheet, rubber, PTFE, etc. The gasket CNC cutter machine can cut specially shaped seals with high precision, high speed, and more stability. The finished workpiece has no sawtooth, no burr, smooth and has good consistency. Effectively solve the problems of low production efficiency, dependence on manual experience, low material utilization, difficult making of special shape parts, high product scrapping rate, and long delivery cycle. Help the factory to win more market share with high quality, short production cycle, and customized customer service. Also will reduce costs and improve efficiency!

gasket cutter machine 

4. About Us

Shandong changzhou CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008, locates in Jinan city of Shandong province. We are a professional company in researching, developing, and manufacturing the CNC router, laser machine, digital knife cutting machine. All machines gain CE, FDA, and ISO 9001 certificates. We have the design team, quality inspector team, after sales service team to make sure of the high quality of machines and service.

car mat cutting machine

1. The gasket digital cutting machine will be tested by our professional technician after finished.

2. We will send the automatic gasket cutting machine test video to you before shipping

3. Gasket CNC cutter machine will be packed in a strong wooden box.

4. Operation manuals and training videos are available for the carpet cutter machine.  

5. Our engineers can speak English, and we can teach you to use the machine via video call.  

carpet cutting machine

5. FAQ

Q1: How can I confirm this foam rubber cutting machine is what I need?

Please tell us about your materials and products. We will send you work videos of related materials for you to confirm.

Q2: It is my first time using this machine, is it easy to operate?

This gasket digital cutting machine is easy to use.

We have operation manuals and videos. Also, our engineer will help you to use the machine online.

Q3: Can you customize the gasket CNC cutter machine according to my needs?

Yes, we accept customized machines. our company has an experienced design team, we can design an effective graphite gasket cutter for your needs.

Q4:  What can I do if the machine has any problems after i get it?

This machine has 3 years warranty.

Our engineer will help you to find out the problems and the broken parts. Free parts will be sent to you and guide you to install new parts.

Q5: How many days can I expect the gasket automatic cutting machine?

machines delivery time is about 15 - 30 days according to quantity and special device request

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