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Soft PVC Film Goggle Lens Oscillating Knife CNC Digital Cutting Machine

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Soft PVC Film Goggle Lens Oscillating Knife CNC Digital Cutting Machine

PVC goggle lenses have the characteristics of softness, strong plasticity, cheap price, and are not easy to break. Because the material is soft and not brittle, it can be processed by cutting. Our flatbed digital cutter is a good cutting device.

goggle lens cutting machine

The digital flatbed cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. The electronic graphics of the lens are made by design software AI, AutoCAD, Corel draw, etc. The control software of the machine is installed on the computer. The control software opens the electronic graphics and imports them into the machine. After setting the cutting position, speed, and other parameters, start the machine to cut automatically. Sample testing is generally required before mass production. The proofing process of the PVC film cutting machine is very simple. Just draw CAD electronic graphics and try cutting. If there is something inappropriate, just modify the CAD electronic graphics.

Advantages of PVC film cutting machine

1. Save labor, no fatigue. The cutting process is automated and does not require manual operation and cutting. The manual is only responsible for picking and packing after cutting. Fewer and fewer people are engaged in repetitive simple manual labor, so automation is a major trend in social development. The digital knife cutting machine is very in line with the social development trend. It has changed the processing methods of many industries, from manual cutting to machine automatic cutting.

2. Suitable for customization. Now in order to make differentiated products, more and more customized products are being produced. Customized product batches are generally not very large. Moreover, in order to occupy the market, the production cycle requirement is relatively short. It is very simple to customize products with this cutting machine. Just do CAD graphics. Changing samples, proofing, and batch processing, the process is very simple. The time period for product development and listing is shortened.

pvc lens cutting machine

3. The cutting tool of the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is the blade. Blade cutting is a physical way of cutting. Therefore, there will be no problems such as thermal cutting smoke, edge melting, and peculiar smell. Environmental health and pollution-free. It is in line with the international community's strategic goals of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking.

film digital cutting machine

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