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How to Choose a CNC Oscillating Knife Digital Cutting Machine

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How to choose a CNC oscillating knife digital cutting machine

1. What is an Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

Oscillating knife cutting machines are tabletop cutters. The material is placed on the machine table. Then the cutter head cuts. During the cutting process, the vacuum pump works automatically, and the air pressure is formed on the worktable to fix the material.

2. How to choose an oscillating knife cutting machine

The vibrating knife cutting machine has a variety of sizes, cutting heads, and has auxiliary tools such as automatic feeding table and camera. And the height of the gantry is also different. According to different materials and uses, different table sizes and cutter heads are required.

cnc oscillating knife cutter

When purchasing an CNC oscillating knife cutting machine, it is necessary to tell our sales engineer the information of the material. Such as material type, material size, roll or sheet, thickness, cutting size, process requirements, and products.

a. Type of material.

Oscillating knife CNC cutting machine can cut a wide variety of materials. like leather, cloth, gasket, carbon fiber, rubber, silicone, composite material, sponge, carton, carpet, curtain, etc. The vibrating knife cutting machine has vibrating knife, round knife, V cut, creasing whee, pneumatic knife, half cutting knife, drag knife and other knives. We will judge whether it can be cut according to the type of your material. and if it can be cut, what kind of tool should be used.

b. Material size

Oscillating knife cutter table tops come in a variety of sizes. The commonly used sizes in width are from 400mm to 4000mm. From tens of centimeters to tens of meters in length. The worktable of the machine should be larger than the size of the material. So we need to know the length and width of your material. This way we can recommend suitable worktable size.

oscillating knife cutting machine

c. Roll or sheet

The CNC oscillating knife cutter has an automatic feeding table. The automatic feeding table is suitable for coils. The automatic feeding table can automatically pull the material forward. The coil is placed at the back of the machine. After cutting the material on the table, the feeding table automatically pulls the material forward and cuts continuously. Manual pulling is no longer needed, manual work is reduced, production efficiency is improved, and the production process is more automated.

digital knife cutting machine

d. Material thickness

One is to determine whether our equipment can cut your material thickness. For example, rubber materials can be cut below 20mm, but cannot be cut above 20mm. The same material, different thicknesses may use different cutter heads. Still taking rubber as an example, vibrating knives can be used for those below 10mm, and pneumatic knives are more suitable for those above 10mm. In addition, the thickness of some materials is generally relatively large, such as pearl cotton, sponge and other materials, the thickness will be greater than 50mm. In this way, we need to increase the height of the gantry of the machine, so that it is suitable for cutting thick materials.

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e. Cutting size

The size of the working surface of the machine should also be larger than the size of the cut piece. Like roll materials, the length of the material is unlimited, so we need to look at the largest piece size. For example, if the length of the cutting piece is 3 meters, the length of the working table of the machine needs to be at least 3 meters, and the machine with a working width of 2.5 meters is not suitable.

f. Process requirements

For example, the material is cardboard. Some customers just need to cut the cardboard. Such a cutting head will suffice. But some customers need to make cartons, so they need pressure rollers to press out the fold marks. Some customers need to cut printed cartons, so a CCD camera is needed to position and cut.

g. Products

We are a professional manufacturer of digital knife cutting machines. Clients span a variety of industry markets. So you tell our sales engineers what product you want, we will recommend relevant configurations to you based on our experience, and then you can choose the functions you need.

3. Advantages of vibrating knife cutting machine

a. The cutting tool is a blade. Therefore, there will be no problems such as thermal cutting smoke, sticky edges, and peculiar smell. Environmental health and pollution-free.

b. Servo motors imported from Japan are used. Fast cutting speed and high precision.

c. A variety of working cutter heads can be installed to cut a variety of materials. A machine with multiple functions has been realized.

d. Oscillating knife cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. Import CAD electronic graphics for automatic cutting. The production process is simplified.

cnc oscillating knife cutting machine

We are a professional manufacturer of oscillating knife cutting machines with import and export rights. The machine can be exported and shipped to your country. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us.

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