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  • Paperboard Cardboard Digital CNC Cutting Machine


    Paperboard Cardboard Digital CNC Cutting MachineToday a customer who makes cartons in the UK asked a question.He had such a request when he made cartons. There are some places on the carton that need to be cut, but they cannot be cut through. This acts as a fold mark, and the carton is easily folded Read More

  • Fiberglass Sponge Foam Filter Cutting Cutter Machine


    Fiberglass Sponge Foam Filter Cutting Cutter MachineBelieve that there are many suppliers of air conditioning filter elements are looking for a multi functional sponge foam cutting machine. These samples are we just received this week from a Slovenia customer.He wants the fiberglass cutting machine Read More

  • Carbon Glass Fiber Perpregs Digital Cutting Machine


    Carbon Glass Fiber Perpregs Digital Cutting MachineA company from European Netherlands sent us some carbon fiber prepregs to do some samples.The client had two main requirements:1. Write letters and numbers on the prepregs.2. Cut the prepreg at different angles, 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°. Better mechanical Read More

  • KT Board Cardboard Oscillating Knife Cutting Cutter Machine


    When KT board is used in advertising promotion, architectural decoration, packaging, etc., and adding with the special-shaped cutting process, it can often produce unexpected display effects. So, what to do with high-quality special-shaped KT boards? What is the best way to cut special-shaped KT boa Read More

  • CNC Cardboard Box Cutting Making Machine


    Do you know the knife cutting machine is widely used in the packing industry? Nowadays, with the increasing number of custom-made products, more and more factories will receive orders for custom packaging in small batches.Changzhou Knife cutting machine can realize one machine to meet multi requirem Read More

  • Rubber PTFE Gasket CNC Cutting Cutter Machine


    Rubber PTFE Gasket CNC Cutting Cutter MachineGasket is a kind of sealing spare parts used for machinery, equipment and pipelines. It uses internal and external materials for sealing.The punching machine is the most common gasket processing equipment. But due to the different features for the materia Read More

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