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Ten Benefits Of CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

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10 Benefits Of CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

Oscillating knife cutting machine has developed rapidly in recent years. And quickly entered a variety of flexible material markets and industries. Such as leather, cloth, rubber, carpet silicone, gaskets, curtains, bags, cartons, sponges, foam, carbon fiber, glass fiber, insulation cotton, etc.

There are many ways and machines to choose from for cutting a product. So why more and more customers buy oscillating knife cutting machine? Oscillating knife cutting machines must have multiple advantages to attract customers. Today we list 10 advantages of oscillating  knife cutting machine.

Benefits Of CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

1. Multifunctional: The CNC oscillating knife cutting machine has a variety of cutting heads. There are dozens of types of cutter heads and hundreds of blades for optional. You can select suitable cutter heads and blades according to different industries and materials. In addition to cutting functions, there are also functions such as punching, marking, grooving, and creasing. Meet the different process requirements of customers. A machine with multiple functions has been realized.

oscillating knife cutting machine

2. Automatic material fixing: The CNC knife cutting machine uses vacuum adsorption to fix materials. The working surface is a honeycomb aluminum bellows. It is connected to a high power vacuum pump through pipelines. When cutting starts, the vacuum pump starts automatically and starts to suck air. the air in the honeycomb aluminum bellows is sucked away to form a negative pressure, and the air pressure firmly fixes the material. After cutting, the vacuum pump will stop working automatically. Compared with the fixing method of the fixture, the fixing form of vacuum adsorption can realize automatic start and stop. No manual operation is required. Material fixation is also more uniform. And it does not damage the material when fixing the material.

oscillating knife cutting machine

3. Fast speed: The CNC knife cutting machine is installed with Japanese servo motors. High torque and fast running speed. The cutting speed can reach 1000mm/s. The running speed can reach 2000mm/s. This cutting speed is much faster than manual cutting. And the vibrating knife cutting machine can also be a multi-layer cutting machine. Depending on the material, several layers to hundreds of layers can be cut at the same time. So it can replace more than one human. It reduces the increasingly expensive labor costs and reduces the company's management work.

4. Environmental protection: The cutting tool of the vibrating knife cutting machine is the blade. Oscillating knife cutters have replaced laser cutters in many industries. A very important reason is environmental issues. Laser cutting machine is a thermal cutting method, which cuts materials by laser high temperature thermal burning. So the cutting process will produce smoke and odor. It not only pollutes the environment, but also is harmful to the human body, and the cutting edge will also have problems such as sticky edges and yellow edges. Blade cutting is a physical cold cutting method, similar to cutting materials with a knife or scissors. The cutting process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and there is no harm to workers. The cut edge is still the original state of the material.

oscillating knife cutting machine

5. High precision: The bed of the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is welded with stainless steel tubes. The bed is heat treated. The mounting surface is CNC milled. Ensure long-distance transportation and long-term work without deformation. The transmission mechanism adopts Taiwan's high-precision rack and square rail. During the installation process, professional precision equipment is used to ensure the installation accuracy. The precision error of the machine is less than 0.1mm. Moreover, the vacuum adsorption table can absorb the material flat, reducing the impact of material wrinkles and waves on the accuracy.

6. Positioning function: The CNC knife cutting machine is equipped with a laser cross to indicate the cutting edge. It is convenient to set the starting position of cutting. And the machine can display the frame to confirm whether the cutting graphics will exceed the material boundary.

cnc oscillating knife cutting machine

7. Automatic feeding: The oscillating knife cutting machine has an automatic feeding table. Mainly used for cutting materials into rolls. After the machine cuts the material on the working table, the automatic feeding table rolls forward, pulls the material behind to the table, and continues to cut. Until the imported graphics or the set number of times are cut. The continuous cutting of the coil is realized. No manual pulling is required. Improve work efficiency and reduce manual work. Better meet customer requirements for automated production.

cnc oscillating knife cutting machine

8. CNC control: In short, what graphics are imported and what shapes are automatically cut out. Import the designed CAD drawings into the vibrating knife cutting machine, the machine recognizes the CAD graphics and converts them into machine movements, and automatically cuts out the designed graphics. The cutting process basically does not require manual work, and one worker can control multiple machines. Reduced manual workload and reduced labor costs. CNC cutting has high precision and uniform size. The irregularities and errors of manual cutting are avoided.

cnc oscillating knife cutting machine

9. Safety: vibrating knife cutting machine has various safety devices. The circuit system is equipped with a leakage protector and a comprehensive motor protector. which can not only protect the machine from overload and phase loss. Also can avoid the danger of people getting an electric shock. Emergency stop switches and infrared sensor switches are installed in many places on the machine. When a problem occurs during the working process of the machine, the machine can be stopped quickly and conveniently to reduce losses. And can protect artificial from damage.

10. Material saving: The vibrating knife cutting machine has automatic typesetting software. Nesting can be done automatically to improve the utilization rate of materials. Save production costs. CNC cutting greatly reduces the unqualified rate and scrap rate, and reduces the waste of materials.

As a professional vibrating knife cutting machine manufacturer, we are always customer-centric. First of all, it is necessary to meet the production needs of customers and be able to cut out the required products for customers. The other is to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Only in this way can customers' products be more competitive.

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