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Oscillating Knife Digital Flatbed Plotter Cutter Machine

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oscillating knife digital flatbed plotter cutter machine

The use of digital plotter cutter is becoming more and more extensive. Digital cutter machine is used in many industries such as advertising, clothing, shoes and bags, automotive supplies, carpets, sofa, gaskets, cartons, digital printing, aerospace, etc. Many industries are constantly upgrading production equipment to digital flatbed cutter. Digital plotter cutter can create more profit value.

digital cutter machine

When we purchase the flatbed digital cutter. Maybe you will be confused with different knives and don’t know which to choose. This time let’s analyze the difference between EOT and POT for oscillating knife cutter.

digital plotter cutter

Work method of pneumatic knife tool (POT) is same as the electric knife tool (EOT). They all in high frequency. But the POT has higher amplitudes. POT uses the air power to make the blade vibrate up and down. EOT uses the electric motor to make the blade vibrate up and down. You will need a stable air compressor that can support 0.6-0.8mPa to use POT.

The POT is much powerful to cut thick item. Such as EVA, EPE, pearl cotton, sponge, foam, corrugated paper, PVC, asbestos board, gasket, etc.

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