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Oscillating Vibration Knife Digital Cutter Cutting Machine

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Oscillating Vibration Knife Digital Cutter Cutting Machine

In recent years the world has paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues. Many countries have proposed plans for carbon neutrality. So more and more manufacturers have begun to use oscillating knife cutting machine to replace the thermal cutting like laser cutting. The vibrating knife cutting machine uses a blade that vibrates up and down or high speed rotary round blade to cut materials.

digital knife cutting machine

The advantages of the oscillating knife cutter:

1. No smell. Blade cutting machine uses a sharp blade to cut material. there will be no smell problems.

2. The cutting edge is perfect. vibrating knife cutting machine will not be burn cutting edge to black or yellow. It is good for later process.

3. High work speed. The cutting speed of the vibrating knife can be as high as 1000mm/s. Itcan increase the production capacity to a greater extent. A cutting machine is equivalent to 4 to 6 workers.

4. solve the problem of  small batches of special shaped orders. the vibrating knife cutting machine only needs to import the design drawing from the computer to the machine, then the machine will cut the designed shapes.

 oscillating knife cutter

Oscillating knife cutting machine can cut leather, fabric, textile, cardboard, plastic box, fiberglass, sticker, film, foam board, rubber, cloth, gasket, garment cloth, footwear, bags, non woven fabrics, seat cover, carpets, rugs, sponge, and etc.

vibration knife cutting machine

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