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What Is A CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

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Oscillating knife cutting machine has developed very rapidly in recent years. Quickly entered many flexible material markets and industries. But still many customers don't know the vibrating knife cutting machine, or don't understand its working principle. Today we will explain it to you in detail.

What is oscillating knife? Oscillating knife Oscillating knife cutting machine is named because of the use of high frequency vibration cutting head. As the name suggests, this cutting tool is a blade, and the blade vibrates up and down at a high frequency. The vibration frequency reaches 16,000 times per minute. The up and down vibration of the blade is driven by a high speed brushless motor. The motor on the cutter head rotates at high speed, which is transmitted to the blade through the transmission mechanism, and converted into high frequency up and down vibration of the blade. During the cutting process, the blade vibrates up and down, which reduces the cutting resistance, increases the cutting speed and improves the cutting effect.

cnc oscillating knife cutting machine

The vibrating knife cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. Import the cutting CAD graphics into the machine. The control system recognizes the electronic graphics and converts them into the movement of the motors of each axis of the cutting machine. Drive the cutting head to cut the imported graphics. In short, the machine will cut whatever shape is imported into the machine.

vibrating knife cutting machine

What can I cut with oscillating tool? Oscillating knife cutters can cut most flexible materials. Materials that can be cut with a wallpaper knife or scissors can basically be cut by a vibrating knife cutter. Non metallic flexible materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, fiber cotton, prepreg, aramid, ceramic fiber, cloth, wire loop, leather, felt, carpet, sound absorbing cotton, silica gel, rubber, kt board, etc.

1. Ultra high frequency vibration knife cutting technology. The cutting edge is smooth, with higher efficiency and faster speed.

2. Controlled by the numerical control system, the size of the cut pieces is precise, eliminating the error of manual cutting.

3. Can add the feeding system and receiving system according to the needs of customers, which is more intelligent and labor saving.

4. Solve the disadvantages of laser cutting machine burning, odor and so on. It is more in line with environmental protection requirements, and the cutting edge is more beautiful.

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