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Oscillating Knife Flatbed Digital Cutter Cutting Machine

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Oscillating Knife Flatbed Digital Cutter Cutting Machine


As environmental problems become more and more serious. Now all countries pays more and more attention. So more and more people pay attention to products with environmental protection. At this time, flatbed digital cutter came into being.

 Digital cutting machine is widely used in cutting flexible. Use the up and down high frequency vibration of the blade for cutting. It has high precision, fast cut speed, and not limited to the cutting shapes. With features such as automatic feeding, typesetting, smooth cutting and low cost. Gradually improve or replace traditional flexible cutting machines.

digital cutting machine


Digital cutter machine replaces the manual hand cut process. It is especially suitable for cutting complex samples such as irregular shapes. Greatly improve efficiency and utilization. It is gradually replacing manual cut to improve the work accuracy, work efficiency and work safety on a large scale. It can also avoid environmental pollution caused by laser cutting and other ways. Achieve high precision, high efficiency, high reliability, green and friendly cutting.

Oscillating knife cutting machine can cut corrugated paper, car mats, car interiors, cartons, color boxes, soft PVC, composite materials, genuine leather, leather, soles, cardboard, KT boards, pearl cotton, sponges and so on.


digital cutter machine

1. There is no smell in the cut process. Flatbed digital cutter uses a very sharp blade to cut, and does not produce smell.

2. The cut edge is perfect. Compare with the laser cutting machine, digital cutting machine will not have yellow and black edge. The cut edge is very clean. Good for the later process.

3. The cut speed is very fast. digital cutter machine has very fast speed. It is 8-10 times that of laser machines and manual labor.

4. Use the computer control each operation process. Reduce the interference of manual cut due to personal factors such as workers' emotions, skills. Increase the material usage rate.

5. Quick proofing and modification. Save the time of proofing. Fast proofing, fast board modification, adapt to the rapidly changing market demand. Making samples can lead competitors for 2-3 days.


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