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Mop Cloth Fabric Automatic CNC Cutting Machine

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Mop Cloth Fabric Automatic CNC Cutting Machine

The mop is a very common cleaning tool that can be seen everywhere in homes, offices, and shopping malls. Flat mops have become very popular in recent years. Flat mops are generally wider and can clean more areas at one time. In addition, the mop head can be rotated, which is more convenient to clean some sanitary corners such as under the bed and under the sofa.

automatic cloth cutting machine

Mop cloths come in different sizes and shapes, and they need to be replaced frequently. Therefore, the production volume of mop cloth is also very large. Our customers can make 20,000 pieces of mop cloth a day with one vibrating knife cutting machine.

This is a customer from Vietnam. The customer purchased a double-head fabric cutting machine. That is to say, there are two cutting heads on the machine to cut at the same time. The cutting head is a circular knife, and the cutting blade rotates at high speed. The high-speed brushless motor rotates at high speed, which is transformed into the high-speed rotation of the blade, with tens of thousands of rotations per minute. Improved cutting speed and cutting quality.

cutting machine for fabric

1. Our mop cloth cutting machine is CNC cutting machine. Automatic cutting according to CAD electronic graphics. The cutting process does not require manual operation. Machine operation is also very simple. Import CAD electronic graphics into the machine through computer software, and the machine will automatically cut. Make the cutting process time-saving and labor-saving.

automatic fabric cutting machine

2. This automatic fabric cutting machine has two working knife heads. Two working heads cut simultaneously. The efficiency is twice as fast as that of a cutter head, but the price of the machine does not increase much. The size of the mop cloth is not particularly large, so it is very suitable for cutting with a double-ended vibrating knife.

mop cloth cutting machine

3. This mop cloth cutting machine has an automatic feeding table. The fabric comes in rolls and is placed on the material holder at the back of the machine. The table top of the cloth cutting machine can be rolled. After cutting the material on the table, the table rolls forward to pull the material behind and continue cutting. Cut continuously in this way until all the rolls of material are cut. The whole process is automatically cut, and workers only need to arrange the cut mop cloth in front of the machine.

4. The mop fabric cutting machine adopts Japanese servo motors and drivers, Taiwan guide rail and rack, and an integrally welded and formed bed. The machine quality is good and the failure rate is low. The machine can work continuously without rest.


5. The learning and operation of the automatic cloth cutting machine are relatively simple. There is not much technical expertise required. Without relevant machine operation experience, one can learn how to operate the machine in one day. We have operation manuals and operation videos. And our technicians will assist remotely through WhatsApp, and team viewer.

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