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Leather And Fabric Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine For Beds Sofas

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Leather And Fabric Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine For Beds Sofas

Are you still spend many hours changing the sofa templates when cutting the sofa material? are you still spending many costs on labor works? Each size to change one time, waste time and one day only cut out several sets of sofa versions. Actually, it doesn't have to be so troublesome. You only need a Changzhou oscillating knife cutting machine. The sofa CNC cutting machine is with software which can change the sizes one time. The whole set of sofa soft bed fabric is resized, the material is automatically discharged, and the number of meters of fabric is accurately discharged. 30 sets of sofas of different styles and 100 sets of soft beds of different sizes can be cut in one day. Save labor, save fabric, save time. Just choose Changzhou sofa automatic cutting machine.

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Now with the development of the economy, the cost of labor is already very high, and it is still growing rapidly. In addition, fewer and fewer people are willing to engage in this kind of cutting work without technical content. Therefore, enterprises not only spend a lot of money on labor, but still often face the problem of labor shortage. Moreover, some errors will inevitably occur in manual cropping. Waste materials and affect production schedule. The automatic cutting machine can solve these problems very well.

The sofa leather cutting machine can cut technical fabrics, fabrics, leather, sponge heterosexual cutting, 3D fiber silk mattresses, cotton and linen fabrics, sofa cushions, and truly realize one machine with multiple functions.

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At the same time, the bed leather cutting machine also has an automatic feeding function, which can continuously cut the coil. Workers only need to stand before the machine to collect the pattern after cutting. The cutting graphics are accurate and there is no error.

The leather and cloth used in the soft sofa bed are all rolled materials. If you cut it manually, you need to cut a few meters of material, and then put the templates on the material and cut them one by one. Manual pulling of the material is required. And this way is a waste of material. The automatic leather cutting machine equipped with an automatic feeding table has an automatic material pulling function. After cutting the material on the table, the rolling table rolls forward to pull the material behind to the table and continue cutting. It not only saves the time of manual material pulling, but also improves efficiency. And it can increase the material utilization rate by more than 15%.

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Features for sofa and bed CNC cutting machine:

1. Various materials can be cut by combining different cutting tools, with high precision, saving labor.

2. The whole machine is shipped, no installation is required. Easy to operate, operators do not require technical requirements.

3. Conveyor vacuum working table can automatically feed, automatically absorb and fix materials.

4. Leather cutter machine uses a high vibration knife to cut the fabric and leather, smokeless cutting, is environment friendly and pollution free.

5. Imported famous accessories with CE certificates, 0 failure rate, and no problem for long terms use.

If you are interested in the sofa fabric and soft bed material cutting machine, please feel free to contact us to get more information.

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