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Leather Rolls Automatic Digital Cutting Machine

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Leather Rolls Automatic Digital Cutting Machine

The application of leather coil is very wide, luggage, clothing, sofa, coat, home and so on. The annual demand for leather is about 100 million square meters. Therefore, the demand for leather cutting machines is very large.

How does the leather automatic cutting machine cut the leather in roll?

You can put the roll leather on the auto feeding frame. and pull the leather on the leather cutting machine working table. You can save the design into plt or dxf form and download to the leather cnc cutting machine. Then the leather digital cutting machine will start to work. When the leather cutter machine finished cutting, it will auto feeding the leather and continue to cut. Number of consecutive cuts can be adjust by the software.

leather cutting machine

The digital cutting machine for leather can also add other tools such as punching tool to cut small holes, Mark pen to write numbers of each piece.

The cutting tool of the leather cutting machine is a high frequency vibrating blade. The blade vibrates up and down at a high frequency of 16,000 times per minute. Make the cutting process smoother, the cutting speed is fast, and the cutting edge is smooth and beautiful. And there will be no problems such as laser cutting smoke, paste edges, and yellow edges. Environmentally friendly, healthy and pollution-free.

leather cutter machine

what is the best and easiest way to cut leather? our automatic leather cutting machine basically completely replaced the manual work. The cutting process does not require manual work. So this is the easiest way to cut leather now.

Labor costs are high now and continue to increase. And fewer and fewer people are willing to engage in such manual work. Many companies are facing the problem of difficult recruitment and poor technology. Automatic leather cutting machine can solve these problems very well.

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