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leather cnc digital cutting machine

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Leather CNC Cutting Machine

leather cnc cutter

The leather cutting machine can cut artificial leather like PU, PVC leather and genuine leather like cowhide, calfskin, sheepskin, etc. 

It is an oscillating knife cutting machine. Leather CNC cutting machine uses high frequency vibration cutting technology. The blade vibrates up and down at high frequency during the cutting process. And the vibration frequency is 16,000 times per minute. The cutting resistance is reduced, the cutting process is smoother, and the cutting edge is more beautiful and smooth. Oscillating knife cutting machine is different from laser cutting. There are no problems such as smoke, yellow edges, and paste edges when the blade cuts. The leather cutter machine can cut the leather with fast speed, no smoking, and is environment friendly.

leather cutter machine

After you download the CAD drawings to the machine, the leather CNC cutter can cut automatically. leather CNC cutting machine can cut different shapes and sizes. Save the labor and material. This is a very simple way to cut. Traditional hand cutting need to make a lot of paper templates. It takes a lot of time and space to make, store, and select paper templates. Die cutting is similar with hand cutting, needs to make a lot of dies. Both hand cutting and die cutting are also labor intensive. And CNC cutting only needs to import electronic graphics. The storage and classification of drawings is also very simple. Moreover, CNC cutting is very precise, and no cutting allowance is required.

leather cnc cutting machine

This is also the reason why our customer who have the laser cutting machine and now buying a digital cutting machine to replace lasers. His company is in an industrial park. His laser machine operatorcouldn't bear the smell of laser cutting and felt it would hurt his health, so he resigned. He paid higher wages to hire new machine operator. And his neighbors reported them to the local environmental protection department, saying that they emitted polluting gases. They received an expensive fine. He sent us their design and leather to test for him. This is the sample we made for him. He is very satisfied with our leather cnc cutter machine and samples.

leather cutting machine

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