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Car Interior Seat Cover Leather Cutting Machine

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Car Interior Seat Cover Leather Cutting Machine


With the development of social economy and the improvement of living standards, cars have gradually entered thousands of households and become popular travel tools for people. The development of the automotive industry has brought prosperity to the automotive interior industry and related industries such as leather. Like car seats, cushions, roof leather, interior covered leather, steering wheel cover.

  leather cutting machine

At present, leather cutting mainly relies on manual cutting, low manual cutting efficiency, serious waste of cutting and poor cutting precision, which has been plaguing manufacturers. With the increase of domestic production level, this drawback is becoming more and more obvious. Now we are coming to introduce an leather cutting machine.


Car seat cutting machine adopts intelligent knife blade cutting, no smoke, no burning edge, fast cutting speed, satisfying any shape, including punching, beveling, etc., seat cover cutting machine has computer automatic nesting software, no need to make molds , greatly saving labor cost .

seat cover cutting machine

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