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Automatic Leather Oscillating Knife CNC Cutting Machine

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Automatic Leather Oscillating Knife CNC Cutting Machine

Leather can be seen everywhere in our daily life, such as clothing, shoes and hats, bags, furniture, automobiles, airplanes, ships, military, and other industries. The leather CNC cutting machine is very suitable for various leather cuts, such as genuine leather cutting, faux leather cutting, PU cutting, synthetic leather cutting, etc.

cnc leather cutting machine

For the leather cutting, the machine will use the oscillating knife tool for cutting different sizes and patterns. You can change the size and patterns on the computer directly and download them to the leather cutting machine. No need to make templates. The cutting process is simple and fast. CNC leather cutting machine can replace a lot of manual work. Moreover, blade cutting is environmentally friendly, healthy, and pollution free, and the cutting process will not produce thermal cutting smoke, paste edges, yellow edges, and other problems.

oscillating knife cutting machine

Sometimes during the leather goods processing, it also needs to cut small holes, so the oscillating knife cutting machine can install a punching tool. Punching tools and cutting tools work together. The punching position and the cutting position are matched and corresponding. The punching knife has different diameters to choose from and can punch holes of different diameters on the leather.

cnc oscillating knife cutting machine

And in genuine leather cutting, since genuine leather is all natural leather. The shape of the leather is irregular. In addition, There will be flaws on the leather. So a leather system is needed to extract the outline of the leather and the location of the flaws. which requires the use of flaw recognition software to identify flaws by taking pictures with a camera and typesetting. Oscillating knife cutting machine can avoid flawed areas when cutting.

genuine leather cutting machine

In addition, during the cutting process of some bags and leather shoes, because of the color and texture of the leather, precise cutting is required. In addition to recognizing the outline, projection positioning is also required.

leather cutter machine

For rolls leather. The CNC leather cutting machine has an automatic feeding table, which can automatically pull the material forward and cut continuously. Realize automatic continuous cutting of coils. No manual pulling is required. Increased efficiency and reduced manual work.

automatic leather cutting machine

According to the different processing needs of different industries, various tools can be flexibly combined, for more details, please contact us to get more information!

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