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Industrial EPE EVA Foam Sponge Digital CNC Cutting Machine

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Industrial EPE EVA Foam Sponge Digital CNC Cutting Machine

Sponge, foam has a wide range of uses, household cleaning utensils, bath sponges, cleaning sponge, polishing foam, mop sponges, etc. It is also used in upholstered furniture, such as the sofas we sit on, office chairs, and mattresses are also made of sponge. In addition, foam is also widely used in the packaging industry. The lining sponge of the packaging can prevent the product from being deformed and bumped.

sponge cnc cutting machine

There are also many products for cutting sponges and foam, mainly manual cutting, punching machines, laser machines, oscillating knife cutting machines, etc.

The manual cutting machine is cheap, but the utilization rate of the sponge is relatively low, and the operation is complicated, it has high manual technical requirements for users. Moreover, it is difficult for manual cutting tools to cut special shapes and arcs. More suitable for straight line cutting. In addition, manual cutting has a certain risk of injury. This kind of machine is often used to cut mattresses and sofa sponge pads, which are very thick sponges.


The punch itself is expensive, and it is also expensive to make molds. Therefore, it is very suitable for products with a single shape that need to be mass-produced. For example, bath sponges and cleaning cotton are products with a single shape and high output requirements, you can make a square or circular mold, which can punch out many products at one time. EVA foam with relatively high hardness cannot be processed by a punch machine. For thicker EPE foam, the edge of the punch cut is not vertical. However, products with relatively large sizes cannot use punching machines. It is impossible to make such large molds for products with a size of more than one meter. In addition, the punch press is also very dangerous. Often occur the situation that injures operator's hand.


Since there are many private customized products on the market now, there are many special-shaped sponges for cutting, proofing, and small batch production will use laser machines and oscillating knife cutting machine that are cheaper than punching machines. Compared with the oscillating knife cutting machine, the laser cutting machine is cheaper, but because it is laser burning and cutting, the light-colored sponge will have yellow burnt edges, which will affect the appearance of the product. In addition, sponges are flammable products. Laser cutting presents a significant risk of fire.

automatic foam cutting machine

The oscillating knife cutting machine is a new type of cutting equipment in recent years, which cuts materials through high-frequency vibration of the blade, It is physical cutting. Therefore, the cutting edge is smooth without yellow edges, and there is also no smoke and dust during the cutting process.

In addition, the digital knife cutting machine for foam can also be equipped with a variety of cutting heads to meet various processing needs. For example, the packaging lining sponge cutting, equipped with oscillating knife and milling tool, to achieve cutting grooves with one machine.

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