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EVA Foam Board Sheet CNC Cutting Machine

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EVA Foam Board Sheet CNC Cutting Machine

EVA foam is playing an important role in daily life. Such as toolbox interiors, shoe soles, home appliances, car interiors, sound insulation materials, package interiors, etc. Under this trend, we developed a foam board cutting machine that for cutting EVA foam and other foam.

The foam CNC cutting machine developed by us is with high output and low noise. It can cut foam to any shapes. Send your designs to machine from computer software, then the cut can be done. it can cut up to 70mm foam.

foam cnc cutting machine


EVA foam cutting machine applications:

PU foam, PUR foam, viscous foam, composite foam, rubber foam, rock wool,EVA foam, sofa sponge, spray cotton, Soft foam, glass wool, foam glass.


foam board cutting machine

Foam sheet cutting machine advantages: 

1. The foam CNC cutting machine solves the pollution problem of laser machine. protects the environment and workers.

2. Foam sheet cutting machine adopts high speed motion control system, high reliability and simple operation.

3. EVA foam cutting machine adopts replaceable heads. different functions work heads can be replaced or added according to work needs.

4. Foam board cutting machine uses the servo motor, work together with rack transmission. the cutting precision and work speed is high.

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