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Genuine Natural Leather Oscillating Knife CNC Cutting Machine

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 Genuine Natural Leather Oscillating Knife CNC Cutting Machine

configuratios of industrial leather cutting machine

How to choose the configuration when buy an industrial leather cutting machine?

The leather cutting machine machine configuration generally includes a vibrating knife, camera, projector, nesting software, collection table, etc. You can choose according to your budget and output. The basic leather cutting CNC machine is a machine with an oscillating knife to cut genuine leather. You can also add a punch tool for small round holes, triangular holes, etc. Or a marker pen to mark each piece of leather.

leather cutting machine

Because genuine leather is made from animal skin. Mostly from animals such as standard cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, etc. There will be blemishes on the leather and the shape of the leather is indeterminate. If you have enough budget and want more automated cutting. You can add the camera, projector, and nesting software.

After you mark the blemishes on the leather and spread the leather on the countertop. the camera will take pictures of the leather to extract the outline. and with the nesting software. you can directly typeset the piece of leather on the computer. Avoid marked defects during nesting, and the genuine leather cutting machine will automatically cut after the arranged design is imported into the machine.

leather cutting cnc machine

In addition, there will be color differences in different parts of the same piece of leather. Such as in the leather shoe industry, the color of the left and right shoes should not be too different for the same pair of shoes. At this time, you will need to use the projector to cooperate with the layout software to select the position of the cutting pattern. For example, if the shoes are all size 24.5, you can adjust the left shoe and right shoe to a position with little color difference for projection position and cutting. The projector can also be set to project color blocks of different colors. You can project the 24.5 shoes into red, and the 25 projection into the green cut, which is easy to distinguish.

oscillating knife cnc cutting machine

You may say that my factory is large and has requirements for output. and I want to have higher production efficiency. Then you can consider lengthening the countertop and collection table. This is similar to a production line. Two pieces of genuine leather are placed on one machine. And the second piece of genuine leather can be typeset when cutting the first piece of genuine leather. After cutting the first piece of genuine leather, the worker will collect the leather on the collection table. the oscillating knife CNC cutting machine starts to cut the second piece of genuine leather at the same time. Then third, fourth, and so on. The machine can perform the continuous cutting.

genuine leather cutting machine

The entire adult cowhide is about 250 cm long, 200 cm at its widest point, and has an area of about 50 - 54 square feet. the average length of the entire pigskin is about 110 cm, and its widest point is about 90 cm, with an area of 10 - 13 about square feet. The length of the whole sheepskin is about 80 cm, the widest point is about 60 cm, and the area is about 4 - 6 square feet, this is just an average value and the actual size of each piece of leather will vary greatly. Therefore, the size of the genuine leather cutting machine is generally 1600 * 2500mm, or 2000 * 2500mm, etc. You can choose the size of the machine according to these.

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Advantages of genuine leather cutting machine

1. The oscillating knife cutting machine cuts leather by knife blades. Environmentally friendly and healthy. no paste, no smoke and no pollution.

2. The industrial leather cutting machine can replace 3 - 5 workers. Reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

3. The genuine leather cutting machine has the nesting software. Material utilization can be increased by at least 15%.

4. The leather cutting CNC machine uses high quality, high precision accessories to ensure machine quality. Like Japanese servo motors, Taiwan linear guides.

If you have other questions about the oscillating knife cutting machine, you can also contact us. Our sales staff will provide you with professional pre sales service. In addition, we also have a professional after sales team to provide train after you purchase the machine.

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