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Fiberglass Carbon Fiber Prepreg Digital Cutting Plotter Machine

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Fiberglass Carbon Fiber Prepreg Digital Cutting Plotter Machine


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Digital cutting plotter is widely used in composite material market. Digital cutting machine can make intelligent cutting of composite materials. includes prepreg, glass fiber, carbon fiber cloth, anti corrosion silicone cloth, rubber, asbestos, PTFE, graphite composite board, felt and Fabrics, aramid fibers, thermal insulation materials, etc. prepreg cutting machine has vibrating knife, pneumatic knife, round knife, drag knife, half cut, creasing knife, drawing pens, milling spindle and other various knives. flexibly change different tools according to different need. fiberglass cutting machine CZCUT software can quickly complete various processes to achieve a multi purpose work.

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Features of prepreg cutting machine:

1. Carbon fiber cutting machine doesn't need mold. just import your design and cut, low cost.

2. Fiberglass cutting machine has pulse position dot, high cutting precision.

3. Strong practicality, carbon fiber cutting machine is suitable for cutting various composite materials.

4. Digital cutting machine uses high strength honeycomb aluminum table with imported felt conveyor belt. Large suction vacuum pump can ensure super adsorption when cut products.

5. digital cutting plotter uses imported AC servo motor. High speed, high response and high stability.

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