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Fiberglass Carbon Fibre Digital Cutter Cutting Machine

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Fiberglass Carbon Fibre Digital Cutter Cutting Machine

Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. The specific gravity of carbon fiber is less than 1/4 of that of steel. The tensile strength is 7 to 9 times that of steel. Carbon fiber is important for national defense industry and national economy. It is a technical key material. With the research from short-fiber carbon fiber to long-fiber carbon fiber, carbon fiber products is getting popular. In the context of rapid industrial development in the world, the use of carbon fiber is becoming more diversified. At the same time, how to cut special shapes carbon fiber has become a technical problem. In this context, we closely followed the needs of carbon fiber industry and developed the carbon fiber cutting machine.

fiber glass cutter

The advantages of fiberglass cutting machine

1. Compare with the mold press machine: carbon fibre cutting machine saves the mold fee when proofing. It is easy to modify the proofing, just update the design drawing, low cost and easy to do.

2. Compare with laser machine: the cutting edge by fiber glass cutter will not be black after cutting. The edge will not be scorched and deformed. There is no dazzling light, no exhaust gas and smell when working. It's harmless to the environment and workers.

3. The fiberglass cutting machine only needs one person to operate. It can reduce the labor cost of manual cutting.

4. The carbon fibre cutting machine has high cutting accuracy. It ensures the quality of the product and reduces the loss caused by manual cutting errors.

The main uses of carbon fiber:

(1) Aerospace industry

Missile launch tubes, rocket engine casings, spacecraft, aircraft tails and beams, etc.

(2) Automobile manufacturing

In the interior and exterior decoration of cars. And in the use of tanks, high speed trains, high end cars, racing cars, etc.

(3) Sports products

 It is used in golf clubs, tennis rackets, fishing rods, racing cars, bows and arrows, jumping poles, yachts, rowing, gliders, sailing masts, motorcycles, ski poles, helmets, etc.

(4) Wind turbine blades

In order to reduce the deformation of the blades, carbon fiber is used in the bearing and some parts of the blade to supplement its rigidity.

(5) Other applications

Sound insulation, fireproof, pressure vessels, etc.

carbon fibre cutting machine

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