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Flatbed Digital Cutting Plotter Cutter

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Flatbed Digital Cutting Plotter Cutter

Digital plotter cutter is widely used in series of industry. Flatbed digital cutter can cut fabric, KT board, leather, cloth, acrylic, foam EVA, cardboard, rubber, etc. Digital cutting plotter can equip high speed milling head to cut hard items such as acrylic and PVC.

flatbed digital cutter

Digital flatbed cutter has infrared sensor switch and four sided emergency stop switches. The safety devices will protect operators during machine work.

digital cutting plotter

Digital plotter cutter uses famous Japan servo motor and drivers. works with reducer to make the machine work more efficient and save your time.

flatbed plotter cutter

After customers purchased the flatbed digital cutter. Then we will set up online services group for customers and engineer. If you have any questions you can ask in the group. our engineers will reply you in time.

digital flatbed cutter

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