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EVA PU Foam Board Soles Insoles Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine

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EVA PU Foam Board Soles Insoles Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine

EVA soles are often used in jogging, walking, casual shoes, and foot training shoe midsole. In general, EVA soles are cut with molds, and mold opening is more expensive. So some customers want to find some replacement machines. Changzhou foam board cutting machine is committed to flexible material cutting, the machine is very suitable for EVA soles cutting.

foam sole cutting machine

Changzhoucnc digital knife cutting machine for EVA sole doesn't need molds. The foam cutting machine cuts the soles with a knife and is controlled by a computer. Intelligent operation, very simple, very flexible, and convenient to change the sole shape.

foam board cutting machine

Foam sole cutting machine technical data sheet:

1. Work area: 1600*2500mm (other working areas can be customized

2. Work table: flatbed or conveyor vacuum working table can choose.

3. Transmission of EVA sole cutting machine: High precision square rail and helical rack transmission

4. The EVA sole cutting machine uses imported servo motors and drivers, high performance

5. Vacuum pump to work with the vacuum table, can fix the EVA very well.

EVA foam cutting machine features:

Modular cutting tool combination, the high speed vibrating knife is suitable for cutting EVA of various thicknesses within 10cm.

Infrared anti-collision device and four-corner emergency stop can ensure the safety of operators

Tungsten steel blade cutting, cutting without burrs, and smooth cutting curve

Special LCD control panel, simple and convenient operation, good software compatibility, support CAD, and other common vector design software.

Optional partition adsorption, suitable for EVA of various sizes, strong adsorption

Changzhou CNC is a professional factory for CNC flatbed digital cutters. We work in CNC cutting field since 2008, and have rich experience in knife cutting machines. We have never diminished the courage to innovate and develop new products to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. Experienced R&D team and sales and after-sales service team are committed to providing customers with customized services and precise cutting solutions. Welcome to contact us to get more information about EVA sole cutting machine, we support free cutting sample service, just tell us your requirement.

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