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EVA Foam Sheet Shoe Soles Digital CNC Cutting Machine

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EVA Foam Sheet Shoe Soles Digital CNC Cutting Machine

EVA sole is light, elastic, flexible, not easy to wrinkle, has excellent colorability, and is suitable for various climates. Therefore, EVA soles are widely used in the soles and midsoles of middle and high-end travel shoes, hiking shoes, slippers and sandals.

cnc foam cutting machine

Shoes come in many shapes and come in different sizes. Especially for some high-end shoes, the output of each style and size is not very high. If the mold is used for production, the cost of mold opening is very expensive. Shoe molds can cost several thousand dollars. If it is cut manually, the efficiency is very slow, and the precision is not high, which does not meet the high-end requirements.

eva cutting machine

So our shoe soles cutting machine is very suitable for this demand. This shoe sole cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. The machine is controlled by a computer program for cutting. Import the CAD electronic graphics of the sole into the cutting machine through computer software. Then the machine cuts automatically. The cutting method is simple and convenient.

1. The EVA foam sheet cutting machine cuts according to CAD electronic graphics, and does not need to make molds. CNC foam cutting machine can produce samples and modify very quickly, shortening the product development cycle. And the production of small batches is also very fast and easy. Two thousand to five thousand pairs of soles can be cut every day. Different styles and sizes, only need to design the corresponding CAD electronic drawing.

eva foam sheet cutting machine

2. The maximum cutting thickness of the EVA cutting machine is 100mm. The thickness of the sole basically does not exceed 100mm. Punching cutting cannot cut 100mm thickness. It is also difficult to cut eva with a thickness of 100mm manually.

eva foam cutting machine

3. The cutting precision of the CNC EVA foam cutting machine is high. Driven by an intelligent control system, Japanese servo motor. The cutting precision is very high, the error is less than 0.5mm. Manual cutting cannot achieve such precision.

4. The cutting tool of EVA cutting machine is the blade. It turns out that some factories use engraving machines to cut the soles. But engraving and cutting will produce a lot of dust powder. These dust powders not only pollute the workplace, but also cost a lot of money to deal with. Engraving and cutting also waste more material. And the blade cutting will not produce dust powder. The working environment is clean and hygienic.


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