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Ducts Fiberglass Insulation Panel Sheet Digital CNC Knife Cutting Machine

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Ducts Fiberglass Insulation Panel Sheet Digital CNC Knife Cutting Machine

Air-conditioning ventilation pipes are used in the ventilation system of the air-conditioning industry, and are widely used in homes, buildings, factories, ships and large shopping malls. The air-conditioning duct is used to convey the indoor air to the air-conditioning equipment. After heat exchange, the temperature-treated air is delivered to each room through the duct. In order to reduce the loss of heat during the transportation process, the air-conditioning duct needs to have the function of heat preservation. In addition, a certain sound insulation effect is also required to reduce the noise of indoor pipelines.

Color steel plate insulation composite air duct is the most widely used air-conditioning air duct at present. The outer layer is galvanized steel plate, and the inner layer is glass fiber insulation cotton. It is an updated product of the current traditional fiberglass air duct, and it is also a new generation substitute for galvanized iron air duct. It overcomes the Achilles' heel of weak strength and easy damage of the outer wall of the previous glass fiber duct, and develops the advantages of galvanized iron sheet, which has excellent heat preservation and rigidity.

insulation panel cutting machine

The exterior galvanized steel panels are all cut using fiber optic cutters. However, the glass fiber insulation cotton inside was not cut by professional equipment, and most of it was cut manually. Now let me introduce our vibrating knife cutting machine, which is a professional thermal insulation cotton cutting machine. It has been widely used in the insulation material industry and the composite air duct industry.

The oscillating knife cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. The movement and cutting of the duct insulation cutting machine are controlled by the motion control system. Import the CAD electronic graphics into the fiberglass CNC cutting machine, and the machine starts cutting automatically. The cutting tool is a sharp tungsten steel blade, which vibrates up and down at high frequency during cutting. Make the cutting process smoother and the cutting edges more neat.

fiberglass cnc cutting machine

1. The fiberglass insulation cutting machine has high efficiency. Save labor costs. Manual cutting is copy cutting. Place the swatch on top of the material and cut along the swatch with a wallpaper knife. Or draw a line on the material to mark, and then cut according to the marked line. The process of this cutting method is complicated, and the manual cutting speed is relatively slow. And the cutting speed of the fiberglass panel cutting machine is very fast. The speed of cutting glass fiber insulation cotton is 300mm/s. That is, 30cm per second. We have actually tested and documented it in a customer's factory that produces air ducts. Our machines can cut about 10 cubic meters of fiberglass insulation wool per day. The customer's plate is 1.2 meters wide, 3 meters long, and 20mm thick. That is about 140 sheets. The customer was originally cut by hand. Cutting these panels takes about 3 workers and 2 days of cutting. The price of this cutting machine in China is about $10,000. The cost of labor and use of the machine is $50 per day. That is $15,000 per year. That is, to buy a machine and then use the machine to work, the total cost for the year is $25,000. For manual cutting, the wages of each worker is about $50 per day. The annual salary is about $15,000. That's $45,000 for three workers. So $20,000 was saved that year. And in the second year, there is no cost to buy the machine, and the savings will be even more. Save $30,000 per year. Labor costs are higher in developed countries. And now many countries are facing the problem of labor shortage. fiberglass sheet cutting machine also solve this problem.

fiberglass insulation cutting machine

2. The cutting effect of the insulation panel cutting machine is more beautiful.

The cutting tool of the vibrating knife cutter is a sharp tungsten steel blade. Moreover, the blade is a high-frequency vibration knife up and down, and the number of vibrations per minute is as high as 15,000 times per minute. So the cut edge is very clean and tidy. And manual cutting is prone to wire drawing. In addition, when cutting long lines and arcs manually, it is impossible to cut them continuously with one knife. Therefore, it is easy to appear unevenness when cutting arcs. In addition, the size of manual cutting is not standard. It will be time-consuming and laborious to install. The duct insulation cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine with a cutting error of no more than 1mm. The cut size is not only accurate, but also standardized and beautiful.

fiberglass panel cutting machine

3. The fiberglass cnc cutting machine reduces the harm of materials to labor. The main harm of glass fiber to people is the impact on lung function. In severe cases, lung abscess and lung cancer may occur. Fiberglass can also be a skin hazard. When manually cutting fiberglass wool, workers need to wear protective clothing. Very uncomfortable in hot summer. Machine cutting greatly reduces human and material contact. Reduced damage to the human body.

fiberglass sheet cutting machine

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