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Multifunction Composite Material Digital CNC Cutting Machine

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Multifunction Composite Material Digital Cutting Machine

The digital cutting machine is widely used in the composite materials cutting. Some customers want to cut prepregs. Many customers want to cut carbon fiber. And some customers want to cut fiberglass. there are also some customers want to cut the carbon fiber board.

composite material cutting machine

Usually, There are several tools is popular in prepregs cutting machine.

1. oscillating knife tool of prepreg cutting machine. It is suitable for cutting prepreg, carbon fiber.

2. Round knife tool of fiberglass cutting machine: suitable for cutting the fiberglass, good air permeability materials.

3. milling head of carbon fiber cutting machine: Carbon fiber board is hard for knives to cut. So we suggest the milling tool. It is no problem to milling holes or cut off the carbon fiber board.

4. Mark pen tool of fiberglass cutter machine. It can write numbers, letters, and draw different shapes.

fiberglass cutting machine

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