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Curtain Roller Zebra Blinds Digital CNC Cutting Machine

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Curtain Roller Zebra Blinds Digital CNC Cutting Machine

Curtains are an essential product in home accessories. Curtain fabrics are divided into pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and mixed weaving of concentrated raw materials.

curtains cutting machine

Now there are three methods for curtain cutting in ordinary curtain factories. manual cutting, laser cutting, and oscillating knife cutting.

1. Hand cutting is the most traditional way of cutting. The upfront investment of manual cutting is relatively small. When the order quantity is small, there is no need to purchase equipments. But it is also the most backward cutting method. If the quantity is large, manual cutting requires a lot of labor. and the cutting efficiency is relatively slow. In addition, the size of the curtain is relatively large. and the error of manual cutting is relatively large. Cutting edges are sometimes deformed due to manual pulling. In addition, manual cutting has relatively high requirements for experience. So it is highly dependent on human proficiency. New employees need a longer learning and proficiency time. This will also restrict the development of enterprises to a certain extent.

roller blinds cutting machine

2. The other cutting way is the laser cutting machine. because it is laser cutting, laser cutting has an obvious advantage. Because the laser cutting machine is thermal cutting, so the edge will be sintered and locked after cutting. Then there will be no wire drawing problem. But laser cutting also has some problems. Because it is laser cutting, when cutting some white materials or non woven fabrics, there will be problems such as yellowing, hardening, and large shrinkage of the selvage. In addition, laser cutting will produce smoke, and the hot smoke can easily smoke and discolor the curtains. So this will affect the quality of the curtains, and even waste material. Laser cutting reflects heat. The laser is emitted from top to bottom, and part of the laser will reflect upwards and burn to the material after reaching the work surface. So the cut edge will be chipped due to heat reflection. Especially for thinner curtains, this problem is still very obvious.

curtain cutting machine

3. The oscillating knife cutting machine is also a new method, which is easy to operate and can also efficiently cut different materials and shapes. The cutting speed of the zebra blinds cutting machine is faster and can reach 1000mm/s. The speed of laser cutting is lower than 500mm/s. The high frequency vibrating blade is used for cutting, and the edges of the fabrics are neat. Unlike the laser machine, the roller blinds cutting machine is more environmentally friendly when cutting curtains, and there will be no burnt edges.

curtain cnc cutting machine

Usually for the curtain cutting machine, the machine working area will be 3300*4000mm, 3300*5000mm, 3300*6000mm, etc. You can tell me your requirement and we can customize the working area for you.

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