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Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Prepreg Cutting Machine

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Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Prepreg Cutting Machine

Fiberglass and carbon glass are inorganic non metallic material with excellent performance. They are popular as reinforcing materials in aerospace, aviation, automobile, electronics, machinery, chemical industry, textile, sports equipment, leisure products, etc.

fiberglass cutting machine

How can such a thin fiberglass be cut quickly without damaging its surface and get a good cutting edge? Our prepreg cutting machine is professional to cut the composite material.

Fiberglass cutting machine uses the high frequency vibration or rotating knife blade to cut material. Cutting edge is perfect without burning or break.

prepreg cutting machine

Carbon fiber cutting machine uses an integrated welding bed. High temperature heat treatment to release thermal stress. Ensure that the equipment will not be easy deformed after long-term use. has better stability and accuracy.

The carbon fiber cutting machine working table is aluminum bellows with thickness of 42mm. the feeding system is Holland imported felt with a thickness of 4mm. Long life and better air permeability.

composite material cutting machine

Besides these, prepreg cutting machine uses Taiwan square rail and helical rack transmission. original Japan YASKAWA servo motor and drivers. working with Planetary reducer. all of these to make sure fiberglass cutting machine working in high precision and stability.

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