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Bottle EPE Foam Packaging Holders CNC Cutting Machine

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Bottle EPE Foam Packaging Holders CNC Cutting Machine

EPE foam is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material with high-strength cushioning and shock resistance. It is soft, light, and quite tough. It can eliminate and disperse external impact forces by bending, and achieve the effect of cushioning. It solves the shortcomings of traditional styrofoam such as fragility, deformation, and poor recovery. So the application of EPE foam lining is becoming more and more widely. Glass bottles such as wine bottles are very fragile. In addition, in order to improve the quality of packaging, many of them now use EPE foam packaging.

epe foam holder cutting machine

There are generally many shapes of bottles, so there are many types of EPE foam holders that are needed. Our CNC foam cutting machine is very suitable for diversified and customized production.

1. The traditional way to make EPE foam holders is made by a hydraulic press machine through a mold. Firstly, make a die of the corresponding size and shape according to the product. Then install the knife mold on the hydraulic cutting machine. Put the EPE foam sheet under the knife mold. start the hydraulic press machine to press down, and the knife mold presses and cuts the EPE foam to get the product. The efficiency of this processing method is fast. But no matter how much the processing quantity is, even if it is proofing, it is necessary to make a die first. It takes a few days to make the mold, and the mold may need to be modified during proofing, so this process takes a long time. The cost of cutting molds is not cheap. Therefore, it costs a lot of money to make knife molds every year. For thicker EPE foam, the press cutting process will compress the foam. The length of the blade of the knife die is generally not more than 30mm. For the foam board of about 70mm, the 70mm will be compressed to within 30mm during the press cutting. So at this time, the cut surface will have obvious curvature. The center of the press surface will be recessed.

foam holder cutting machine

2. Our EPE foam cutting machine is CNC cutting machine. Therefore, it is very simple and convenient to carry out proofing, modification, and customized production. Only need to make CAD drawings according to the size and shape of the bottle. Then it is imported into the oscillating knife cutting machine through computer software for automatic cutting. Therefore, samples can be quickly made and offered to customers, which shortens the time for proofing and modification. It is easier to get orders from customers. The production process of our foam CNC cutting machine saves labor. The foam sheet is placed on the machine work table to cut automatically, and the workers can do the packing work at this time.

epe foam cutting machine

3. The foam sheet cutting machine can also be equipped with a milling cutter. Some foam holders have inner grooves. For example, the foam board with a thickness of 50mm has an inner groove of 30mm in some places. The traditional processing method is to cut two layers of pearl cotton of 30mm and 20mm and paste them together with glue. But glue is smelly and unhealthy, so some products are not allowed to use glue. The combination of milling cutter and knife cutter can solve this problem. The milling cutter is used to carve the impenetrable inner groove, and the depth of the carve can be controlled. After engraving, the cutting knife automatically cuts the outer contour. This process is also automatically completed under computer control.

epe foam insert cutting machine

4. The cutting tool of the foam board cutting machine is a high-frequency vibrating knife. When cutting, the blade vibrates up and down at a high frequency, which reduces the cutting resistance and improves the cutting speed. The vibrating knife cutting machine can cut 100mm epe foam. Moreover, the blade is vertical, and the cutting surface is also completely vertical, so there will be no problem with the radian of the punching machine.

epe foam box cutting machine

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