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Automatic Window Roller Curtains Blind CNC Cutting Machine

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Automatic Window Roller Curtains Blind CNC Cutting Machine

We have received curtain material from a customer in Australia. The customer is a small and medium-sized local curtain production company, mainly producing roller blinds. Take a look at the samples we cut for customers.

window curtain cutting machine

The company was originally hand-cut. Hand-cutting is the most traditional curtain cutting method, and it is also the most widely used cutting method. The tools used in the manual cutting process are very simple. Marker, scissors, ruler. The initial investment is also very small. No equipment is required to be purchased.

The manual cutting process is time consuming. First, you need to measure and cut a slightly longer piece of fabric on the fabric roll according to the size of the finished curtain. Spread the curtain fabric on the floor or countertop and flatten it. Then draw lines or mark points on the curtain fabric. Finally, use scissors or an electric cutter to cut along the marked line. This process generally requires two people to work together.

Our curtain cutting machine is automatic cutting machine. The cutting process does not require manual operation. The manual only needs to simply start the machine, and then wait to collect the cut curtains.

1. Manual cutting requires more labor and is less efficient. There are many steps in the process of manual cutting. And it's all done manually. So the cutting efficiency is relatively low. The cutting process of the window curtain cutting machine is very simple. Just import the size drawing of the curtain into the machine and start it, then the curtain can be cut automatically. The cutting speed of the roller curtain cutting machine is very fast and can reach 800mm/s. That is, a length of 0.8 meters can be cut in one second. For example, a 3m*4m curtain. It takes less than a minute for the machine to cut. One curtain machine can replace 3-5 workers. It also saves a lot of labor costs.

machine curtains

2. Cutting curtains by hand is a tiring job. Because the size of the curtain is relatively large, it is often cut directly on the ground. Spread the curtain cloth on the ground, and then manually kneel or squat on the ground to cut. So fewer and fewer people are willing to engage in such jobs. Especially now that most countries are facing the problem of labor shortage. The curtains cutting machine can liberate labor and greatly reduce the workload and labor intensity. Don't worry about labor shortage.

curtain cutting machine

3. The accuracy of manual cutting of curtains is relatively low. After drawing the line on the curtain, manually cut along the marked line with scissors. There are inherent errors in manual measurement and marking, and it is difficult to cut out standard straight lines manually. The cut edge looks flawed. The cutting precision of the curtain cutting machine is very high. The overall size of the cut is standard, and the straight line cut is also straight. The cutting error of the curtain cutting machine does not exceed 1mm. The error of manual cropping is reduced. Material waste caused by manual misoperation is reduced.

roller curtain cutting machine

4. The curtain cutting machine has the function of automatic feeding. Place the curtain fabric roll on the stand behind the machine. After the cutting machine cuts the curtain cloth on the table, the feeding table automatically rotates forward to pull the material behind to the table, and continues cutting. Continuous processing is possible.

curtain machine

The application range of roller blinds is very wide. Home, shopping malls, exhibition halls, offices and many other occasions. Therefore, the demand for cutting machines is still very large. If you are interested in this equipment, please contact our sales staff. We will introduce this machine to you in detail.

curtains cutting machine

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