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Automatic Garment Leather Fabric Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

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Automatic garment leather fabric oscillating knife cutting machine

The automatic garment cutting machine is widely used in the garment industry. In the textile industry, there are many machines that can cut fabric. when mentioning the automatic cloth cutting machine, you may think of the laser machine. With the strengthening of people's awareness of Environmental protection, because laser cutting produces smoke, people are looking for new cutting methods. The oscillating knife cutting machine physically cuts fabric and leather through high frequency vibration of the blade. It is an environmentally friendly machine.

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Both laser cutting machines and vibrating knife cutting machines are CNC automatic cutting machines. However, the cutting method is different. The laser cutting machine is a thermal cutting method. The laser tube generates a high-temperature laser beam and reflects it to the laser head .The high temperature of the laser is used to cut the material. So there will be problems such as burning smoke and sticky edges. Therefore, the laser is not an environmental protection equipment, and does not conform to the current environmental protection concept of energy. saving and emission reduction. Some other countries and regions have banned the use of laser machines. And the smoke produced is hot, which will blacken or yellow the cloth.

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Changzhoucnc automatic leather cutting machine for fabric is equipped with an Electric round knife tool, that can cut fabric and leather at high speed and precision. which is a physical cutting method. Environmental health and pollution-free. The high speed rotation of the motor is converted by the transmission into high speed rotation of the blade. The resistance of cutting is reduced, and the power and speed of cutting are improved.

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Fabric CNC cutting machine also has a red light device that can show the cutting position. It can also add other tools such as the mark pen to write numbers on the fabric and leather. Some customers also need the punching tool to punch small holes in the fabric and leather.

automatic garment cutting machine

And the automation software supports the English language, It is easy to learn. You can just save the CAD design into dxf or plt form and download it into the software. The operation is not complicated, so there is no requirement for the operator's skills.

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In addition, the fabric auto cutting machine with the conveyor working table can continuously cut fabric in roll. The machine will automatically feed the fabric and cut it, saving labor and time. The digital fabric knife cutting machine can also upgrade the automatic deviation correction feeding rack, and improve feeding accuracy.

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