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Advantages of Automatic Gasket Cutting Machine

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What is the advantage of automatic gasket cutting machine?

How do you cut gasket material? Nowadays there are many machines can cut the gaskets. like manual gasket cutting machine, gasket die cutter machine, and our automatic gasket cutting machine.

1. The manual gasket cutting machine is small size and cheap price. as its name, it needs to cut the gasket by hand. Now the labor is expensive and the working efficiency is also slow. the manual gasket cutting machine is hard to cut complex shape. and the precision of manual cutting is not very good. manual gasket cutting machine is suitable for simple shape gasket with very small quantities.

gasket cutting machine

2. And you will say the gasket die cutter machine is very fast. But the die cutting machine needs to make molds. even you want to make only one gasket, you will need to make a mold. The cost to make a mold is very expensive and it also needs to wait a long time to make molds. so die cutting machine is better to make gaskets in bulk. another issue is the size, die cutting machine is hard to make big size gaskets. for example a 1.5 meters gasket. it's not easy to make a 1.5m size mold.

gasket die cutter

3. Our automatic gasket cutting machine is the easiest way to make gaskets with different shapes.

a. Open the CAD drawings from AutoCAD, AI, Corel Draw and download to the machine.

b. The gasket cutting machine will recognize the design and then cut the gasket automatically.

c. You can design any sizes and shapes and let the machine cut, very flexible.

d. The gasket cutting machine has a vacuum table. It can firmly fix the material to ensure that the material will not move during the cutting process.

automatic gasket cutting machine

You may also concern what is the consumption for the automatic gasket cutting machine. The machine uses high vibration blades to cut the gaskets. So It only needs to change the blades regularly based on your cutting requirement.

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