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non asbestos gasket cnc cutting machine

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We received asbestos free gasket sheet from an Italian customer. A customer would like to make a sample of asbestos free gaskets with our gasket cutter machine.

gasket cnc cutting machine

The thickness of this non asbestos sheet is 2mm. It is a relatively thick non asbestos.

The gasket cnc cutter is a flatbed digital cutter with different working heads. This time we used a pneumatic cutter machine head.

gasket cnc cutter

The gasket cutting machine is a CNC gakset cutting machine. Imports the CAD drawings of electronic graphics into the gasket cnc cutting machine. The control system adjusts the position of the cutter head. to match the position of the material and starts cutting.

gasket cnc cutter machine

The gasket cutter machine has a vacuum suction table. The material is held in place using air pressure generated by a vacuum pump. Ensure that the material does not move during cutting.

Take a look at the samples made by our gasket cnc cutter machine.

gasket cutting machine

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