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Rubber PTFE Gasket CNC Cutting Cutter Machine

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Rubber PTFE Gasket CNC Cutting Cutter Machine

Gasket is a kind of sealing spare parts in machinery, equipment and pipelines. It uses internal and external materials for sealing.

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The punching machine is the most common gasket cutting machine. But due to the different features for the material, the cutting accuracy of the puching machine is vey poor. In addition to the original mold cost, additional production costs are also added. Now days it is also the small batch era. How to cut gaskets with high precision and speed has become a difficult problem. This is faced by many manufacturers.

The punching machine operation is complex. It requires many workers to operate. the material utilization rate is low. and it waste to much raw materials. There are also burrs on the cutting edeg. If the customer is not satisified, it will require a second grinding process. it wastes time and labors.

Now the customers' requirements are higher and higher. and there are more and more customized orders. Therefore need a lot of molds and labor process them. Using a punching machine to cut the gasket is greatly limited the cutting speed and time.

Changzhou gasket cutting machine, no need to open mold, just loading the design to cut, simple operation. And one person can operate the rubber cutting machine independently. The rubber gasket cutter uses nesting software, maximizes the utilization rate of materials, as our experience, cnc gasket cutter can save more than 20% materials. In same time rubber gasket cutting machine can also make sure the cutting speed and precision.

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