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Asbestos Rubber Gasket Digital Cutting Machine

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Asbestos Rubber Gasket Digital Cutting Machine


The Gasket cutting machine is mainly for cutting flexible gaskets. It can cut asbestos, rubber, silicon, asbestos, asbestos free, graphite composite sheets, etc.

gasket cutting machine

Rubber gasket cutting machine uses advanced structure design. Machine CAM software can read mostly design formats. Asbestos gasket cutting machine can cut specially shaped gaskets with high precision, high speed, and more stability. 

The cut seal ring has no sawtooth, no burr, flat and smooth. Gasket cutting machine solves the problem of low material utilization, and high difficulty in making specially shaped gaskets and non-standard gaskets. Help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency, gain more market share with high quality.

Compared with traditional die punching and CO2 laser cutting, rubber gasket cutting machine does not require a die, saves time and effort. It has accurate sample cutting, smooth edges, no sawtooth, no dust, and safety. Features of easy operation and low cost of use.

The gasket cutting machine is a vacuum adsorption work table. The material is placed on the work table. The vacuum pump starts and stops automatically following the cutting. When the vacuum pump is working, air pressure is formed on the work table, and the material is firmly fixed.

rubber gasket cutting machine

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