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PTFE Rubber Asbestos Gasket Cutting Machine

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PTFE Rubber Asbestos Gasket Cutting Machine


PTFE is an important category of plastics. Now it has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, electronics, chemicals, machinery, construction, textiles, medicine and other industrial. And it is deeply embedded in people's daily lives. In particular, the application of PTFE in anti-corrosion has promoted the development of the chemical industry.

asbestos gasket cutting machine

PTFE gaskets are widely used in chemical plants, power plants and other industries. In recent years, due to environmental impacts and increased labor costs, laser cutting and manual cutting are gradually being eliminated. In this context, our company closely followed the trend of the times and successfully developed the gasket cutting machine for seals.


1. The arc cut by the rubber gasket cutting machine is naturally smooth. There is no pollution such as smoke, dust, odor, etc. And there is no adverse effect on the human body and the environment.

2. PTFE gasket cutting machine has a fast cutting speed and does not require a knife die. It avoids the problem of a small batch of gaskets requiring a knife die. Save mold costs, safety and time.

3. The asbestos gasket cutting machine is equipped with typesetting software, which saves materials and time.


In addition to the gasket cutting machine that can be used for gaskets, we also provide a complete set of cutting solutions. It is widely used in advertising KT boards, car interiors (foot cushions / seat cushions / steering wheel covers, etc.), and various new composite materials ( Carbon fiber / glass fiber, etc.), various foam (EVA / sponge / pearl cotton / rock wool, etc.), leather, corrugated paper, cardboard, gray cardboard, chevron board, fabric, plush toy proofing , Carton proofing, clothing and footwear proofing, etc., as well as the cutting of PVC and acrylic below 5mm.

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