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Works Tools Of CNC Oscillating Knife Digital Cutting Machine

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Works Tools Of CNC Oscillating Knife Digital Cutting Machine

What are the main cutting tools of the oscillating knife cutting machine?

The digital knife cutting machine is a multiple cutting machine. The digital cutting machine can cut a series of materials by changing different tools. So what are the main cutting tools of digital flatbed cutter and what are their functions of them? There are Electric oscillating knives, Pneumatic Knife tool, Round knife tools, Milling tools, creasing tools, V cut tools, etc.

Changzhou CNC electric oscillating knife is a Swiss design and high vibration. It is the knife used most in the machine. Because it can cut many materials, such as carbon fiber prepreg, leather, KT board, cardboard, foam board, EVA, EPE, carpet, car mats, rubber, etc.

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The pneumatic knife tool also is a high vibration, but its power is not from the motor. It uses air pressure. The Pneumatic knife tool cutting material is almost the same as the electric knife tool, but it can cut thicker, harder material than the electric oscillating knife. Such as the thick EPE shape cut, Corrugated board cutting, Plastic hollow board cutting, multi layers fabric, multi layers of leather cutting, etc.

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The round knife tool is most widely used in the textile industry and cloth cutting. Round knives are generally used to cut materials with good air permeability, such as fabrics, curtains, Aramid, and Kevlar, they can also cut leather, plush toy, plush carpet, etc.

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The milling tool is for cutting hard materials such as MDF, acrylic cutting, thick gasket material, PVC foam sheets, and plastic, it is mostly used in the advertising industry and it can also cut carbon fiber sheets, etc.

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The creasing wheel tool, as its name suggests, is mostly used to indent the material, most used in cardboard, and hollow board creasing. It can install different width wheels to press different width requirements.

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V cut tool is also named bevel cutting. It can cut angles on the material. Currently, we use the most for Acoustic panels groove, corrugated board angle cuts, table cloth angle cuts, etc. It has five different angles.

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The marking pen can draw lines, mark, write numbers and letters on materials

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You can choose the cutting tools based on your cutting requirement, we just list some common use, there are also many other cutting tools available. If you are not sure which tools you need, please just feel free to contact Changzhou CNC.

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