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Tarpaulins Tarp CNC Oscillating Knife Digital Cutting Machine

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Tarpaulins Tarp CNC Oscillating Knife Digital Cutting Machine

Tarpaulins are usually divided into two categories: coarse tarpaulins and fine tarpaulins.

Coarse tarpaulin is also called tarpaulin, the fabric is strong and resistant to folding, and has good waterproof performance. It is used for covering automobile transportation and open warehouses and setting up tents in the wild.

The warp and weft yarns of fine tarpaulins are used for making labor protection clothing and its supplies. After being dyed, it can also be used as fabrics for shoes, travel bags, backpacks, etc. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulins, shielding tarpaulins for fire protection and radiation protection, and tarpaulins for paper machines.

tarpaulins cutting machine

Usually the oscillating knife cutting machine is equipped with a round knife tool. The round knife with high frequency rotation, can cuts the tarpaulins very fast. It can also install a mark pen for marking on tarpaulins.

Usually tarpaulin cutting machine working area 3000*5000mm, with a conveyor working table, which is more convenient to cut the tarpaulin in roll. You just need to pull the tarp over the countertop for the first cut. After that the machine will automatically feed and cut. You can draw the pattern by CAD software. The tarp cutting machine support plt, dxf form files. Just download your design into the machine and set repeat cutting. Whether changing shape or changing size, it is very fast. The tarpaulins cutting machine is computer controlled and digitally cut with very high cutting precision, which greatly saves materials and improves efficiency. At the same time, labor costs can be greatly saved.

tarp cutting machine

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