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polyester carbon fiber glassfiber flatbed digital cutter

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Polyester Carbon Fiber Glassfiber Flatbed Digital Cutter

Today we just received one customer's  sound absorbing panels. It is also called PET acoustic panels. It is made of polyester fiber yarn by hot pressing. PET acoustic panels is widely used in the building decoration field. This is the sample we made for him.

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Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels are widely used in theaters, recording studios, studios, audition rooms, business offices, multi function halls, conference rooms, concert halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, hotels, KTV, BAND rooms, senior villas and other places decoration. Therefore, the modeling requirements for sound absorbing decoration are required in the application. The oscillating knife cutting machine not only meets the requirements of cutting different shapes. but also can cut the sound absorbing panel at an angle, pull grooves, and realize the shape design of the sound absorbing panel.

This customer ordered the digital knife machine with double head: Oscillating knife tool+ V-cut tool. 

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