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Paperboard Cardboard Digital CNC Cutting Machine

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Paperboard Cardboard Digital CNC Cutting Cutter Machine

Today a customer who makes cartons in the UK asked a question.

He had such a request when he made cartons. There are some places on the carton that need to be cut. But they cannot be cut through. This acts as a fold mark, and the carton is easily folded. But the carton outline needs to be cut out. The customer asked whether our cardboard cutting machine could realize this function.

Our cardboard cutter machine can achieve this function. Now let's briefly understand how to do it.

cardboard cutter machine

First open the carton design drawing with the software of the paper board cutting machine.

In the software of the cardboard cutter machine, the lines that are cut through and the lines that are not cut through are distinguished by different colors. And send the set graphic file to the cnc cardboard cutting machine.

cnc cardboard cutting machine

Before operating the cardboard cutting machine, set the knife depth according to the color. The depth of the knife corresponding to the white line can cut through the carton. The sword god corresponding to the yellow line is slightly lighter.

The following is the sample made by the paper board cutting machine.

paper board cutting machine

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