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KT Board Cardboard Oscillating Knife Cutting Cutter Machine

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KT board cardboard oscillating knife cutting cutter machine

When KT board is used in advertising promotion, architectural decoration, packaging, etc. And adding with the special shaped cutting process. It can often produce unexpected display effects. What to do with high quality KT boards? What is the best way to cut special shaped KT boards?

oscillating knife cutter

There are many many ways to cut KT boards. Such as cutting knife (utility knife) manual cutting, laser cutting, oscillating knife cutting machine, etc.

The manual cutting efficiency of the utility knife is low. The more complex patterns are more difficult to cut manually. At the same time, the cutting accuracy is poor. and the cut KT board is prone to burrs, and the effect is not good.

Oscillating knife cutter uses the computer to control. you can loading any design and shapes. With CCD camera can identify graphics of various shapes. Cardboard cutting machine can automatically find edges for cutting. and identify patterns for cutting along the edges.

cardboard cutting machine

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