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CNC Cardboard Box Cutting Making Machine

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CNC cardboard box cutting making machine 

cardboard cutting machine

Do you know the cardbaord cutting machine is widely used in the packing industry?

Nowadays, with the increasing number of custom made products. more and more factories will receive orders in small batches.

Changzhou cardboard cutter machine can realize one machine to meet multi purpose. So it has other names like EVA knife cutting machine, corrugated box cutting machine, foam knife cutting machine, cardboard package cutting machine, etc.

You can cut the cardboard, corrugated box, EVA, etc.

And with the V cut knife head, cardboard box cutter can cut V grooves on the thick cardboard.

Meanwhile, if you want to creasing on the cardboard for easy folding. the creasing wheel tool can help you.

Besides this, if you want to engrave the foam or EVA. just add a spindle on the cnc cardbaord cutting machine!

cardboard box cutter

You may also ask if your package has drawings, how do you cut it? Changzhou cardboard box making machine can also add the CCD camera to realize cut along the pattern edge.

Equipped with different cutting tools according to different cutting materials. it makes the Changzhou cardbaord cutting machine achieves a multi purpose machine.

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