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CNC Leather Cutting Machine With Write Pen

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CNC Leather Cutting Machine With Write Pen

The leather cutting machine with a mark pen has capabilities for cutting and writing on leather.

This type of leather CNC cutting machine is designed to accurately cut various materials, including leather, using a vibrating oscillating knife. The oscillating knife moves back and forth at a high frequency, allowing for precise cutting without excessive force or distortion.

In addition to cutting, some leather cutting machines are equipped with a marking or writing function. These machines have a specially designed pen attachment that can be used to write or mark on the surface of the leather. The pen mechanism is typically controlled by the machine's software, allowing for precise and intricate designs to be made on the leather.

1. Cutting Leather:

tThe leather cutting machine is equipped with a high-speed vibrating blade that moves in an up-and-down motion. This motion allows the blade to smoothly cut through various materials, including leather. The oscillating knife is typically made of durable and sharp carbide, ensuring clean and precise cuts.


When cutting leather, the oscillating knife follows a predetermined cutting path guided by computer software. This software creates a digital design file or pattern that instructs the machine on how to navigate the leather and make accurate cuts. This process enables complex and intricate designs to be cut with ease.

2. Writing on Leather:

To write on leather, some CNC leather cutting machines are equipped with a writing function. This function allows the machine to use a specially designed to write or mark on the surface of the leather. The pen attachment can be a ballpoint pen, marker, or any other suitable writing instrument compatible with the machine.


The machine's software controls the movement of the pen attachment, allowing for precise and controlled writing or marking on the leather surface. The software interprets the design or text input provided, and the machine follows the designated path to produce the desired result on the leather.

The leather CNC cutting machine offers several advantages when it comes to cutting leather:

1. Precision: The oscillating knife is designed to provide precise and accurate cuts. It can easily follow intricate patterns and curves, ensuring clean and precise cuts on leather materials.

2. Versatility: CNC leather machines are highly versatile and can handle various thicknesses and types of leather. Whether it's thin or thick leather, genuine or synthetic, the machine can efficiently cut through different materials.

3. Efficiency: These machines are capable of high-speed cutting, which improves productivity and efficiency in leather cutting processes. They can quickly cut multiple layers of leather in a single pass, minimizing production time and increasing output.

4. Reduced Material Waste: The automatic leather cutting machine optimizes material usage by minimizing waste. With its precise cutting capabilities, it ensures minimal errors and maximizes the yield from the leather material, reducing overall production costs.

5. Flexibility: Besides cutting, leather cutter machines often come with additional functionalities such as creasing, perforating, and marking. This flexibility allows leather manufacturers to perform multiple operations on the same machine, reducing setup time and increasing workflow efficiency.

6. Safety: These machines are equipped with safety features such as blade guards and automatic shut-offs, ensuring operator safety during the cutting process. The blades are designed to minimize the risk of injury while delivering efficient cutting results.

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