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Carpets Digital CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter Cutting Machine

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Carpets Digital CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter Cutting Machine

The carpet is a textile that is laid on the floor. As a furniture decoration facility, it has the functions of beautification, heat preservation, and protection. There are mainly chemical fiber carpets, pure wool carpets, blended carpets, plastic carpets, and so on. It is widely used in the ground of residences, hotels, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc. The use and demand for carpet is very large, so the demand for cutting equipment is also very large.

Commonly used cutting methods mainly include manual cutting, Sharder machines, laser cutting machines, and oscillating knife cutting machines.

1. Hand cut

Hand-cutting is the most traditional cutting method, and it is still the most widely used cutting method. One reason is that early industrial technology was immature, and cutting machines were rarely used. In addition, the early labor cost was relatively low, and the labor cost in some regions and countries is still relatively low. So until now, manual cutting is still widely used. Manual cutting is also more flexible, and most carpets can be cut manually. Mechanical cropping is sometimes limiting. Some custom-made carpets also need to be cut by hand, and high-end carpets are also cut by hand. Human beings have thoughts, and machines cannot completely replace human beings. There are also some carpets that are too large to make mechanical equipment of such a large size and need to be cut manually.

carpets cutting machine

2. Sharder cutting

The sharder machine is a straight line cutting equipment. Carpets can be cut straight in both horizontal and vertical directions. The cutting speed of this cutting device is very fast. Carpet raw materials are continuously passed through the cutting machine and can be divided into squares. Because the cutting machine can only move in two directions, horizontal and vertical, the cutting machine is only suitable for cutting square carpets. Unable to cut special-shaped carpets, such as round, curved, or irregular shapes. It is mainly used for carpets with large quantities and relatively low prices.

cnc carpet cutting machine

3. Laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine is a kind of CNC machine. It can cut various shapes, such as circles, arcs, irregular shapes, etc. Laser machines cannot cut thick and hard carpets, and there will be smoke and a bad smell when cutting. Bad for the environment and workers. Moreover, problems such as yellow and black edges will appear on the edges of thermal cutting.

4. Oscillating knife cutting machine

The oscillating knife cutting machine is also a CNC device, but the cutting tool is a blade. This carpets cutting machine uses high-frequency vibration cutting technology. The blade vibrates up and down at high frequency, with a vibration frequency of 16,000 times per minute. Reduce cutting resistance, and improve cutting speed and cutting effect. This is a physical cutting method, so there will be no problems such as thermal cutting smoke and edge paste during the cutting process. The CNC carpet cutting machine cuts according to the CAD electronic graphics. Import CAD electronic graphics into the machine, and then automatically cut various graphics.

In addition, the carpets cutting machine can also cut printed carpets. Install a vision system that can identify the edge of the printed carpet and cut out the printed area along the edge. Vision systems include cameras and software. The camera is installed on top of the machine, and the printed carpet is placed on the table. The camera shoots the tabletop, and the software automatically recognizes the printing edge. Finally, the carpet cutting tool cuts along the printed edge.

The carpet cutting machine is more suitable for cutting custom-made carpets, special-shaped carpets, and printed carpets.

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