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Carbon Fiber Prepregs CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

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Carbon Fiber Prepregs CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

Carbon fiber prepreg has a wide range of applications. Such as: fire suits,helmet,medical instruments, protective clothing for iron and steel smelters, Engine parts, concrete structures, drive shafts will all need carbon fiber prepreg for reinforcement. Sports equipment will also use carbon fiber prepreg, such as fishing rods, rackets. Automobile and motorcycle parts also use carbon fiber prepreg to improve the tensile strength of parts. In addition, carbon fiber prepregs are also used in the aviation field, such as rocket engine casings, etc.

prepreg cnc cutting machine

Changzhou cnc have rich experience in carbon fiber prepreg cutting machine. we already export many many machines in composite industry. CZ-1625 model is the most popular model in prepreg cutting. The prepreg CNC cutting machine can cut both three layers of the prepreg (surface film, prepreg, backing). No matter carbon fiber unidirectional tape and carbon fiber fabric, all can cut very well and it will not affect the original stability of the material.

prepreg cutting machines

Changzhoucnc prepreg cutting machines can Automatic nesting, save material, automatic cutting and draw lines to save labor, and improve working efficiency. Carbon fiber cutting machines fixes the prepreg by vacuum table, it is very stable and does not move during cutting, make sure the machine cut with high precision. The prepreg cutting machine can cut any shape and size, and with a conveyor working table can realize automatic feeding and cutting.

Prepreg cutting machine mainly use the electric oscillating knife tool to cut patterns. Some customers will add the mark pen to write numbers on the surface film of prepreg. If you want to machine cut aramid fabric at the same time, Aramid fabric does not contain glue and it is a woven material and has better air permeability. In order to ensure the cutting effect, you can add a round knife tool.

Carbon fiber prepreg after hot pressing will become very hard, if you want to cut or milling, we can also offer a milling tool on the carbon fiber CNC cutting machine. Realize one machine with multiple functions and support multiple processes.

carbon fiber cnc cutting machine

Changzhou CNC provides you the most professional carbon fiber cutting solution, welcome to contact us!

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