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2023 Best CNC Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine From China

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2023 best CNC oscillating knife cutting machine from China

Many people are still relatively unfamiliar with the oscillating knife cutting machine(flatbed digital cutter). and have many questions about the oscillating knife machine. such as what type of equipment is the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine? Can it meet my current cutting needs? How about the after-sales service? Is it easy to operate? ...

Below we will take you through 5 questions to quickly understand the Changzhou CNC oscillating knife cutter.

oscillating knife cutting machine

1. What can the oscillating knife cutting machine be used for and what material can the oscillating knife cutting cut?

The Changzhou cnc knife cutting machine can install different cutting tools for multiple cutting requirement. It can be used in many industry such as sealing gaskets, carpet mats,carton boxes, EVA, EPE packages, PET acoustic panel, car mats,composite materials, leather goods, fabric, PP hallow sheet, KT board, corrugated paper and other non-metallic flexible materials. You just need to tell us what the material you want to cut, and we will tailor the cutting proposal for you.

oscillating knife cnc

2. What is the precision of the oscillating knife cutting machine?

The Changzhou Oscillating knife cutting machine uses imported servo motors such as Japanese YASKAWA, Panasonic, also have Chinese Taiwan Delta motor and drives, transmission by the Taiwan square rail and helical rack. The machine repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.05mm. It can cut a diameter 3mm circle with high speed and high accurate.

cnc oscillating knife cutter

3. What is the cutting speed of the oscillating knife cutting machine?

The cutting speed of the digital knife cutting machine can reach up to 1500mm/s, which can meet the proofing and small batch production. Of course, the actual cutting speed depends on your material and the complexity of the cutting pattern.

4. Is it easy to operate a oscillating knife cutting machine without any experience in CNC area?

There are various types of operations of the knife cutting machine, so it seems complicated, but the operation is very simple. Every digital knife cutting machine is well- tested in our factory before shipping. You only need to make the pattern in the CAD software and set the corresponding data on the machine to complete the cutting quickly. Therefore, the technical requirements for operators are not high, and after you bought the Changzhou oscillating knife cutting machine, we will have 1V1 training, and 0 basics can quickly learn how to use the machine.

5. How long is the warranty for oscillating knife cutting machine?

The warranty time for oscillating knife cutting machine is 2 years, and the machine maintenance is free for the whole machine lifetime.

In addition to man-made damage, natural disasters, consumables (such as felt, blades) are not covered by the warranty, accessories can be replaced and repaired for free due to quality problems. Out of the warranty, you can get the spare parts with a cost price.

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